Angel of Death: Bounty Hunter has finally been approved and is awaiting my final approval…which I cannot do until they send me an email telling me that my paperback proof has been sent. I proofed the PDF and the online proofer, but was not allowed to approve it. I should be able to approve it tomorrow.

In other news, I have finally edited and re-released  The Faust Syndrome. I had been a little unhappy with the first release, not because of the main content, but because of a few snafus I spotted a few months after publishing. Having previously edited and re-released Long Cold Winter after fixing grammatical and editorial mistakes, I decided to go ahead and do the same with Faust.

Both newly re-released books have new covers, retiring the old cover to Winter in honor of the person who created it for me. I decided to retire the cover to Faust after finding a picture that was open (being public domain) and more accurately portrayed the content of the story. While I am forever grateful to the person that created the first cover (and they know who they are), I thought that two years were long enough and a new cover was needed. When my first choice of a cover proved impossible to use, I found the following:


Not all of this is visible on the resulting cover, the main portion (head, shoulders, arms, and chest region…as well as the trident handle) is. After all, the main portion of the narrative is supposedly in Hell, thus the new pic works so much better…don’t  you think?

So now, it is on to other books. I have Angel of Death: The Crystal Ship, book four of the series, ready to go to publishing as soon as I get enough ahead to pay for the cover. I also have Tales from the Renge: Birth of a Savior almost ready to edit and send on to publishing. and have a bit more to do on An Autumn of Sorrow. Once I find 25 Days of Christmas: A Christmas Story, I will also release it. But at the moment, it  has seemingly disappeared for the moment. If I have to, I can always pull it from the blog, even though that is a lot of work and I am thinking of a pre-Christmas release. So much to do, so little time.