Break Time

I will not be posting a chapter of  Tales tonight because it is a school night. OK, it is seminar night.  But…I am going to let you in on a secret. I am starting another WIP, but it won’t appear on here.

Heroes and Villains actually began back in the early 90’s with my desire to write a few stories for the comic book world. At the time, there were two comic book companies I wanted to write for. One was Marvel, the other was Image/Homage Comics, one of the hottest new indie comic companies to emerge…and the home of Spawn. Marvel didn’t take me seriously and neither did Image. But a dear friend of mine, Howard Westbrook, saw the potential and planned on working as my artist.

At that time, we had begun work on several characters that will appear both in this story as well as their own stories. Still, Rothchild was not complete until I began the very first story that included him. That story was Gauntlet, about a CGI created hard light warrior who can pull his weapons out of his ethereal net based world. As with most of my characters, both Rothchild and Gauntlet were created through experiments, though one was born from CGI hard light and the other was given a new life (sort of like Robocop) through a medical experiment with a new technology known as bio-cybernetics; cybernetics with the ability to bond genetically and chemically with their recipient. Depending on the severity of their injuries, the bio-cybernetics could do anything from give them a missing limb to give them the ability to walk after being paralyzed in an accident. In Rothchild’s instance, it does it all.

Rothchild is first gen, and later joins a group of “second hand” heroes, all of whoim have been given back their lives through successive upgrades in bio-cybernetics. This group was named Surgical Stryke and was headed by Doc. the genius behind the research, development, and perfecting of bio-cybernetics. The Group was connected to a mega company, owned by Doc, that owned the patents and legal rights to bio-cybernetics.

Rothchild’s personality suffered from his becoming the equivalent of a cyborg, having been brought back from the dead by the process after being blown apart…well, at least losing both legs, an arm and quite a bit of his face (though his skull remained intact). while the implant procedure was being done, the computer interface is placed inside his skull, alongside his brain and slowly becomes a part of his brain, melding the cybernetics and his human body into a single organism.

To learn more, you will have to actually buy the book when it comes out. Hell. You will have to wait for every book in this series to come out to know how things go. Each book will be a different hero and will come complete with its own villain.

After I am done with this series, I will begin piecing together each series about the supergroups I created, but right now, I want to introduce the reader to each character. And, as the title of the saga infers, half of the series will be about the villains.