I have returned….

So, I finally made it back with a new chapter for the second book in the Tales from the Renge series. I hope to be able to post chapters from now on until I can get the book finished, then go back to doing the Angel Of Death saga. I am still waiting for information from the county historical society on the town and rodeo during 1954 so I can bring the Morrows to my town of residence in book five of the Morrow Family Saga.

I had to take a break from Cris and Natalia for a while. I had run out of ideas for Cris but with the Morrows, Toffer French was beginning to grow on me. I had created a monster and he was beginning to mess with my mind. Also, I couldn’t go on until I had the info I needed.

Anyway, hang tight for a while. I will have another chapter ready for tomorrow.Perhaps I will try to have a few done so if I get busy, I can post what I have done.