On Pause

I know I have been rather delinquent in posting. As soon as I finish with my current ghosting assignment, I promise to return to the story. In the same vain, I am having difficulty finding the cover art for The Devil, which I want to publish the week of Halloween. If anyone knows where I can find a pic of a demonic priest, I would be most appreciative.

I hope to be done with the assignment I am working on before very many days are over. I need to get paid. The cupboards are bare. I would have been happy if I could’ve landed the transcript writing job, though. It would have been a steady assignment that would have given steady pay for a while, but I guess it was not meant to be.

Anyway, Once I am finished with this assignment, I will return to finished book two of Tales From the Renge. After that, I will be returning to the Angel of Death series and my favorite character, Cris Juarez. I have been away from the series for way too long.

I will return to The Morrow Family Saga as soon as I receive the info I need for it. I am wanting to bring the Morrows to the town I am living in, but have not received the information about the rodeo or the set up of the town during the 1950s. This does not bode well for me, since I was really hoping to have the first five books in the series done before the end of the year.  On another note, I will be doing another book in Seasons, the series that set the tone for The Morrow Family Saga.