Sorry about the…pause

Sorry about the last couple days. Monday, the net went down and did not come back on until 4 AM yesterday. Yesterday, I had intended to post, but ended up using all day to do the homework I had intended to do Monday, 6 PM (incidentally, the net went down at 5 PM. that meant that I missed both of my seminars. I was not a happy camper. It took me until 9:49 last night to finish it all. College Comp is not hard, but I have never really been a math person…especially when the formulas that are expressed in the reading/video are not the same as what they use for the test or graded practice. (we’re doing consumer math)

Talk about nightmares. Anyway, I hope to have a better time this week with math.  Comp, lie I said, is not a problem. I am holding an A in Comp. This also means that I will be getting (I hope) back on track with posting and writing new chapters.