A Time to Pause

Before I go on, I feel I must explain a few things. Even though I write about dark or forbidden things, it does not mean I believe in either. My intent is to paint a picture of a kingdom in need of saving. I am setting the stage for the series Tales From The Renge: A Prophecy Fulfilled. Consider this set the middle children in a very long story.

Which reminds me. There are times I wish I could shut the inspiration off. What I mean is that I have a great idea on a possible series of expansion sets that would go great with the TFR series. After all, I mention kingdoms and lands in TFR that should peak the reader’s interest. Why not write about them as well?

In other news, I found a couple of fun things that were sent to me back in the early 2000’s. Tim Backenhouse was a dear friend from Australia who wrote to me from time to time before life got in the way. Anyway, Here is the first:


Although this is not necessarily true, sometimes it feels that this is all I give when working on a story…especially when I finally publish the book and it goes–absolutely nowhere.

And when I start feeling a bit defeated, I remember the following:


Good advice, no?

Anyway, look for chapter three soon. Since I have up to six done, I am in no hurry. At the moment, I need to go have a talk with the coffee gnome. He keeps drinking my coffee quicker than the coffee elf can fill my cup.