I found old fantasy maps I had drawn while in high school. They had originally been for Gaelheim Fenns  and various other stories I had written-many of which are now lost to time due to constant demands from my mother to clean up the organized chaos that was the top of my dresser as a teen. As a teen, I kept almost all the stories I was working on there where I could have them at the ready. I liked having everything where I could just grab and go.

Anyway, I was looking at the maps last night seeking city names as I finished writing Tales From The Renge: The Prophecy (Book One: A Savior Foretold) and came across one that held something of a surprise for me.At the top right of the map is a circle denoting a globe/orb. The name? Globe of Rynge.

That’s right, the map was the very beginning of the concept of the Renge. It appears that Rynge had been a hero/god of a story I had written or dreamed up but had never made a reality. As it turns out, many of my stories never made it out of the map stage. Those that did, vanished.

As a result, I am cannibalizing my maps to fill out the map of the Renge. while some of the cities will be Rengeland domains, one map will remain as the “Demon Abode” map. I may even add a few more cities to the ether-worldly  prison of the Demon-King and his hordes but for the most part, I will place most of the newfound cities within the Renge or surrounding “kingdoms”.