A Time To Mourn

There is a hole in my heart today. This morning, around 9 AM, Morrighan, our kitten, finally succumbed to whatever had been ailing her. we were trying so hard to rehabilitate her and thought, since she had been doing so well last night, that she was on the rebound. though she was still having a few issues, it seemed that they were beginning to clear up.

this morning when we got up, we found her unresponsive. At first, I thought she was already gone. then, she made a small sound. a weak sound. something to let me know that she was still alive.

My little assistant is gone and I miss her. I keep looking around, expecting to hear her tiny meow. But only silence greets me. the house suddenly feels so empty without her here.

I wanted to send her back to the farm to be buried, but my mother has not come into town. It would have only been appropriate, since she had been born there. But that must not be meant to be.


Morrighan (July, 2016-Sept. 6, 2016)


Though she was with us for only a couple of days, it feels as if we have lost a life-long member of our family. she took to us immediately, endearing herself to us and stealing our hearts.  the picture above was taken yesterday afternoon when we thought that she had started to overcome her mysterious illness.  Such a beautiful kitten.



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