Tales From The Renge: The Prophecy, Chapter Sixteen

Faerja Feaer arrived on the shores of the Carribi kingdom. He was unusual. The last of his kind, Faerja was unique. A Sorcerer Supreme, he was an outlaw. Still, he was a friend to Zarange and ran errands for her whenever she called upon him.

The Carribi were similar to the Azitli. They tended to file their teeth and make war for no apparent reason. Some said that the Carribi were cannibals. Others said that they did horrid human sacrifices.

Faerja didn’t care. As long as they gave him an answer to Zarange’s message, he could care less what the islanders’ habits were. As long as he did not end up as their meal, or became their sacrifice, he would be happy.

A Carribi stopped him as he entered.

“We don’t get many strangers here,” the native began, “Welcome to Daragzh.”

“Thank you,” Faerja replied, “Could you direct me to your leader’s palace…or even the most important of your temples?”

“I will even take you there,” the native said, smiling and nodding, “follow me.”

Faerja followed the native deeper into the city. He was astonished at how friendly the people were. Not at all what he had expected.

“Is it true,” He began, carefully choosing his words, “That your people make war?”

“Oh, no,” chuckled the Carribi, “We haven’t made war in centuries. Nor have we done human sacrifice in millennia. Those are old wives’ tales used to scare children. We are really more—civilized than rumors would have us.

“We overthrew the despotic priest-kings over two thousand years ago, setting up a new peaceful kingdom. Change had to happen. The pirate nations of the islands made it a necessity.”

“I see,” Faerja replied, “I shall make note of that for the records of the mainland.”

“You are welcome to copy our histories if you like,” The native suggested, “before you return. They are open to whomever come to study them.”


Tothri, a Gelven mage, had been  given the  mission to Indios and five elven mages had been sent to the smaller islands.  Tothri was a good mage. Her small size hid massive power and strength. Her mixed blood gave her an advantage over most.

She had accompanied Faerja to the meeting with Zarange. But then, she accompanied him everywhere. But now, she was off on an adventure of her own. She counted this an adventure because she had never been off Nuardis, let alone further south than Muspel. Now, she was on a pirate ship headed for the many small pirate kingdoms of the smaller isles.

One pirate had already tried his luck and found himself sucking salt and dust off the deck of the ship, his friend had found himself taking a swim. After that, the captain had ordered his crew to leave her be. She doubted it would deter some. Others were loyal enough to their captain to obey. The majority, though, would be too afraid to try much of anything

She had to smile. No one expected her to be strong enough to defend herself. At the same time, she had to be careful not to use magic. At least not on a non-magic citizen.

No matter how evil, they didn’t deserve to be turned to ash. Not yet, anyway. Maybe later, if they were too stupid to take the first hint. But not now.

She only hoped that the captain’s command was enough to hold most of them off. She could handle the few, just not the whole ship. Not without magic. Not at this point.

She knew that she wouldn’t be getting any rest. Not until she was back at home. After all, there was no honor among thieves, and pirates were known thieves. She would trust none of them.


Banshidar, the first Baen Si to make mage, stood just beyond the gates of Mayatlan’s capital city. With wraithlike abilities, he had successfully passed the armies of Mexoltle. He had heard how the soldiers and priest class of Mexoltle filed their teeth to a point and called themselves Azitli. In the canyons to the north, Anasazu built fantastic cities under the cliff.

Stories abounded of the Anasazu and how they simply appeared from the sky. They were the sky people. Children of the stars. Heaven’s emissaries.

He’d spent time among the Anasazu, learning their lore and their magicks. He loved them. They were extremely peaceful, preferring to fight only when attacked. He had seen how the Azitli fought many times as one of the Anasazu’s guests, raiding and pillaging as they did. The Azitli were cowardly. Their battles were without provocation or reasonable purpose.

He couldn’t understand it. Still, his friends, the Anasazu, were more powerful. Their magicks were more deadly. They lost very few of their own in battle.

He had already delivered a message to the Anasazu and gotten an answer. When the time came, they would stand with the Ring. They would call upon their allies and rise to come to the aid of the Renge. Now, as he entered the gates of Mayatlan’s capital, he smiled.

Knowing where he was going, he headed for the tallest temple-pyramid at the heart of the city. As the only Baen Si in the lands of Nuardis, he was an oddity. His people lived beyond the vastness of the Eastern Expanse upon an island that none had ever heard of or seen. It was one of two.

Hyboris was the larger norther isle, while Fomoris was the smaller. Beyond, lay a land that even Banshidar had never seen. Nor had he wanted to.

Unlike his Nuardis counterparts, Banshidar could travel between lands without the aid of ships or boats. It had been how he arrived in Nuardis. He had gone…yondering. He had decided that adventure was better than remaining in his homeland.

He never regretted the decision. He had made great friends in the Nuardian lands. He had even led the first Sidhe of Faerie to Nuardis to settle and build their kingdom. Perhaps he would lead a Sidhe of Baen Si to Nuardis as well. And even a few Caunates. He smiled.

He came out of his thoughts as he entered the palatial temple-pyramid. He had a message for the council here. He could not leave until they gave an answer. He only hoped that the answer would be a positive one.