TFR and why I am going to piss a lot of people off

First of all, these two topics have nothing to do with one another. Therefore, I will begin with the last first. With that said, I do have an announcement.

I have a new blog. No, I am not going to do away with this one. I am merely  going to begin pulling all the nonfiction off this blog and leaving this one for fiction only.

The new blog will be devoted to nonfiction only, no fiction. That means all my dangerous, seditious thoughts will be showcased on a blog all their own. and the link to that new blog?

Now on to Tales From The Renge. As you have noticed, I have not posted a new chapter yet. I probably won’t do so until I have two or three chapters ahead. I have paused in order to go through the material that is going to be integrated into TFR. I have found it all, now, and have it sitting where I can easily get to it. This will give me a chance to go through and figure out how I want to implement each character, city, and story line of each tale being absorbed into TFR.

I already have a rough idea, I just want to hone and polish it down to a full blown plot. I may not be posting for a couple of days, but don’t fret. I will return with a finished chapter soon.