Elesvere, Banon, and other names you will discover…

I am salvaging a very old story. Back when I was in eighth grade, I wrote the Chronicles of Caueli. like Tales, it was a fantasy series but it was inspired by the Shanarra  series by Terry Brooks. Rather than resurrect the old story, I have decided to reintegrate the characters, monsters, entities, and cities into the world of the Renge.

I may actually take a couple more old stories I started and integrate the characters and cities from them as well, combining the old stories with a newer one that actually will be continued as a series. As the story continues, you will find many cities and characters-both good and evil-that will add flavor to the rest of the saga.

Rest assured, I will be introducing some really strange creatures as we go. I have already revealed many secrets, where the Orders of the Rings are concerned, that I had not originally thought worth revealing.   Before I am done, I will probably reveal more.

Banon (or Bannon as it was originally spelled) Alcanon was originally a druid. Elisvere (originally Ellisvere) Wulfsbane was originally the ugly friend and sidekick that accompanied Bannon everywhere. Eventually, I will introduce my trolls, gnomes, and so on that inhabited the world of Caueli. I even had elves, gnelves, gelves, goblins, Red Cap, and a host of other creatures and beings.

At the same time, I will be introducing what was left of the Emetian kingdoms (Syntaxxis) as well as the kingdoms from my pseudo-Conan stories that star Darr of Pixxan. Both fit well with the barbarian side of the story, while Caueli fits well with the Renge. I figured I would weave them all together since I no longer have any of them in their complete forms. I have from chapter 5 to the end on The Emetian Chronicles, two of the Darr of Pixxan stories, and bits and pieces (and one or two books) out of The Caueli Chronicles.

There were originally three stories about Darr, seven books in the Caueli series, and a full book from The Emetian Chronicles. I also had one more story that was fantasy, but it has been lost to time. If I happen to find it, I may accidentally integrate it as well.

Back to Caueli. It has become the “capital” city of the Forbidden Ring. The cities I used in the Caueli series will appear as cities inhabited by the Forbidden. Cities from the Pixxan and Emetian stories will be added in for other cities…I am not sure where yet.