The Price Of Lust: Book One of Faces In The Crowd, Epilogue


Maggie got out of bed early the next morning. She carried her frail, pain wracked body out to her favorite spot out on the balcony. As she passed the couch in the living room, she looked down at the sleeping forms there. Sonny and Lena had finally fell to sleep at about midnight, and her other children had gone up to their respective beds. Her beloved Connie had went to the store just minutes before she’d gotten up…she’d made sure he was gone before doing so, and now, she was the only person who was awake left in the apartment.

The walk to the balcony was a painful one. Lord, it took everything out of her. And that damned oxygen tank was too God damned heavy. Seemed to get heavier every day. Still, she made it to the chair where she used to sit every morning before she became too weak to walk…and sat down. She closed her eyes. How long had it been? She couldn’t remember. All she knew was that it seemed to be a lifetime ago.

She sat, with her eyes closed, trying to remember all that had taken place in her life. For the life of her, she couldn’t remember. All she could remember was that she’d finally found redemption. Everything after that had been nothing but happiness. She took the nose piece, leading to her ever vital oxygen tank, from her nose. As darkness surrounded her, she smiled. They’d all come home to be with her. And most of them were now married, two had children of their own. They didn’t need her weighing them down. In this way, she was setting them all free. She breathed her last breath, then went limp. She was no longer in pain…

Conrad arrived home too late to save his beloved Maggs. He knew it immediately when he entered and saw her slumped in her favorite chair. He knew she was gone, but he couldn’t let her go. She had brought him too much happiness. Now it was all over. She’d left him. She’d left them all. He ran to where she sat and buried his head in her lap, sobbing uncontrollably.

Three days alter, Maggie was buried in the vault she’d bought for the whole family. The day was cold and gray. After she was laid to rest, it began to rain. All her friends and family knew that there was now a hole in their lives. They’d lost a friend, a sister, a mentor, a wife, a mother, and a lover. Nothing could ever replace her. A chapter in their lives was now over. Forever.