The new layout of The Price of Lust


Act One (originally chapter one): Earliest Memories

Chapter 1: Daddy

Chapter 2: Lucianville, Oklahoma

Chapter 3: Details on Daddy’s Murder

Chapter 4: Moving To Akron, Ohio

Chapter 5: Mama

Chapter 6: Mama Falls Ill

Chapter 7: Mama’s Death

Chapter 8: Cozy Hartford

Act Two: Akron

Chapter 9: Caroline Borden

Chapter 10: Eddie And Belinda

Chapter 11: John McDermott

Chapter 12: Tony Calivieri

Chapter 13: Philip Wilcox

Chapter 14: Donnie Seton

Chapter 15: Gunnar McNamara

Chapter 16: Gary Nihms

Chapter 17: Collin Reese

Chapter 18: Wes McCall

Chapter 19: Marcus Lucaine

Chapter 20: Patrick Cole

Chapter 21: Jonah Wilsberg

Chapter 22: Les Brigham

Chapter 23: Lilith wilkes

Chapter 24: Callia Dearbourne

Chapter 25: George Harmon

Chapter 26: Stanley Warczec

Chapter 27: Joey Brewster

Chapter 28: Harlan Howl

Chapter 29: Brenda Bligh

Chapter 30: Dell Ashe

Chapter 31: Ptolemy Rex

Chapter 32: Coll Wilhelm

Chapter 33: Owen And Steven Falstaff

Chapter 34: Brianna Sanders

Chapter 35: Wayde Colvax

Chapter 36: Sara Klein

Chapter 37: Dan Sayers

Chapter 38: Stewart Marsh

Chapter 39: Kelli Fargo

Chapter 40: Zech Talbot

Chapter 41: Thom Thorpe

Chapter 42: Sue Wills

Chapter 43: Damon Sills

Act Three: Tulsa

Chapter 44: Starting The Cat House

Chapter 45: Cat Catrelle

Chapter 46: Macie Loomis

Chapter 47: Tabby Moore

Chapter 48: Sadie

Chapter 49: Rosa

Chapter 50: Stephi

Chapter 51: Lea

Chapter 52: Consuela

Chapter 53: Andrea

Chapter 54: Philicia

Chapter 55: Daria

Chapter 56: Daniel

Chapter 57: Thorne

Chapter 58: Louden

Chapter 59: Wainwright

Chapter 60: Travis

Chapter 61: Dusty

Chapter 62: Lorne

Chapter 63: Franklyn

Act Four: Chicago

Chapter 64: Maximillian

Chapter 65: Hellena

Chapter 66: Conrad Seville

Chapter 67: Brian Hart

Chapter 68: Mac Trenton

Chapter 69: Felix Moreau

Chapter 70: Clinton Jeffries

Chapter 71: Sara Brentwood

Chapter 72: Colleen Willfries

Chapter 73: The Birth of the Company

Chapter 74: Mischief Maximized

Act Five: The Long Road of Desire

Chapter 75: One Night’s Pleasure

Chapter 76: Halford Grimes

Chapter 77: The Wedding and Beyond

Chapter 78: Philip Clinton

Chapter 79: Water Beneath the Bridge

Chapter 80: A New Chance At Life

Chapter 81: The House Of Cards Collapses

Chapter 82: Uncle Lazarus Reveals a Dark Secret

Chapter 83: Uncle Lucifer

Chapter 84: Uncle Cain Gives It a Try

Act Six: A New Life

Chapter 85:  Reality Hits Home

Chapter 86: Caroline Borden

Chapter 87: Eddie and Belinda

Chapter 88: Tulsa Time, Cat Catrelle Style

Chapter 89: Melissa Treat and Samantha Sweets

Chapter 90: Andrea Monroe

Chapter 91: Rosa

Chapter 92: The Last Few Calls

Chapter 93: The Chicago List

Chapter 94: A Surprise Visit

Act Seven: The Bride’s Party

Chapter 95: Cat Catrelle

Chapter 96: Rosa

Chapter 97: Macie Loomis

Chapter 98: Hellena

Chapter 99: Caoline Borden

Chapter 100: Lucretia

Chapter 101: Lazarus

Act Eight: The Groom’s Party

Chapter 102: Conrad

Chapter 103: Cozy

Chapter 104: Philip Clinton

Chapter 105: Todd

Chapter 106: Brenna

Chapter 107: Dannelle

Chapter 108: Felicity

Act Nine: The Wedding Of The Century

Chapter 109: The Preparations Are Made

Chapter 110: Cat Takes The Cake

Chapter 111: Rosa’s Gift

Chapter 112: Macie Loomis

Chapter 113: Hellena

Chapter 114: Caroline Borden

Chapter 115: Lucretia

Chapter 116: The Shadow Falls

Chapter 117: The Shadow Is Lifted

Chapter 118: But the Day Is Not Done

Act Ten: Graduation Days

Chapter 119: Phillip Goes To college

Chapter 120: Sandra Divine Follows Her Heart

Chapter 121: News Of the End Of Usher, Inc.

Chapter 122: The Legacy

Chapter 123: Brenna Luann

Chapter 124: Lazarus And Hellena’s Little Miracle

Chapter 125: Dannelle Marries

Chapter 126: Sandra Comes Home

Chapter 127: Phillip Comes Home

Chapter 128: The Triumphant Return Of Brenna

Chapter 129: Another Double Wedding

Chapter 130: The Last Graduation

Act Eleven: The Beginning Of The End

Chapter 131: The Trip Home

Chapter 132: Maggie’s Sixty-Fifth Birthday

Chapter 133: Things Worsen

Chapter 134: Charles Comes Home


Whew! A long chapter list! I am only going to lengthen out those chapters I feel need more to. Some of the chapters are long enough to sustain themselves. I don’t want an extremely huge book, I can tell you, though, it is definitely going to be a full fledged novel after I am done.

If enough interest is shown in seeing the extensions (extra chapters), I will post them. If not, then everyone will have to wait until the book comes out to find out just how much I have changed.