I Wish Ideas Would Stop Sometimes

An idea struck me last night, while I was fading off to sleep. Strange how that happens. I got thinking how I had never really cared for how I divided the book Price of Lust and how it would probably look better divided into acts instead of chapters, freeing the sub-chapters up to become actual chapters instead.  I mean, how many people have heard of a novella with only four or five chapters?..unless it was for a child.

If I divided it into “Acts”, making the subs into actual chapters, this will put the actual chapter count well above thirty chapters and pushing it to actual novel status. And since I will be pushing well close to, if not over, the 50-60,000 word mark, it will make it more legit as a novel. This also means that I can take the current chapter titles and create separating pages instead of having “headers” over the numbers and I can switch from Roman numerals to cardinal numbers for the chapters.

There are times I wish ideas would stop coming to me in the middle of the night. Especially during thunderstorms. Unless they are easily remembered, as this one, I tend to lose the inspiration as I sleep if I do not get up and write it down. Still, this idea is ingenious. It fits perfectly with this book and its layout. Anyway, On with the story…


2 thoughts on “I Wish Ideas Would Stop Sometimes

    1. The thing about ideas is that they do become books or short stories when they are acted upon. never be afraid to begin writing when an idea hits. It may not sound like the best when you first begin, but that is why the powers that be created the edit/refine option a writer uses later.

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