The Price Of Lust: Book One of Faces In The Crowd, Chapter 3.8


It was only one day after she’d made the phone calls when Cozy appeared at her door with Lucretia. He smiled at her as he always had, with that twinkle and that warmth that he’d always shown her. She invited the two in and hugged both. It was surprising how happy she felt at seeing them both again. They had, at one time, not so long ago, been the last two people she’d ever want to see again. But, now, in the same spirit she’d shown herself, she had forgiven them of their indiscretions…and it felt good. God, it felt good!

“Good morning, my dear Maggie,” Cozy started, “how are you?”

“Good morning, Cozy,” she replied, “I’m fine…well, better than fine! I’m getting married!” She turned her attention to

Lucretia, “and how are you, dear cousin Lucretia? Well, I hope.”

“Fine,” Lucretia replied, “did you say, married? You’re getting married? Oh, joy! I am so happy for you!”

“Yes,” Maggie stated, “and I want to invite you and Uncle Lazarus to the event. And you, too, Cozy.”

“But,” Cozy began, apprehensively, “aren’t you afraid that’ll draw Cain and Lucifer, too?”

“I don’t give a damn about Luci and Cain,” she retorted, insultingly, “they can go straight to hell for all I care. I want my friends and family, the only family I can trust, around me on my special day. So…are you in, or are you out? Please say that you’re in…?”

“I will convince Lazarus to come,” Lucretia said, excitement in her voice, “it will be a treat for me. I have never been to a wedding before.”

“Then,” Maggie stated, “I shall make it a wedding for you to remember. You shall have a special place in it…as one of my maidens of honor. But, Uncle Lazarus will have to give me away.”

“Then,” Lucretia replied, “consider it a done deal. Lazarus will never be able to turn your offer down. In fact, I know that he’ll be proud to do you the honors.”

“And,” Cozy added, “as always, I shall be in tow. You oughta know that where Lazarus goes, so do I.”