End of chapter three

In hindsight, I should have included 3.8 with 3.6 and 3.7…but I didn’t. for some reason, I believed that there were more sub-chapters. I was wrong. Tomorrow, I begin on chapter four.

At some point, I will begin the expansion of the book.When I finish posting The Price Of Lust, I will resume on either Angel of Death or The Morrow Family Saga.

In the mean time, I will be collecting the lyrics I have been posting on https://themusicandlyricsofjaytruebllood.wordpress.com/  so that I can publish them in book form as well as editing the poetry anthology into two separate books so that the e-book file won’t be so large you can’t download it. On top of this, I am doing illustrations for my wife’s children’s book and collecting the Jay’s World comics for publication as well.

As I do all this, I am also trying to finish the erotica Novella I have been posting on   https://theadventuresandstoriesofhh.wordpress.com/ as well as thinking about starting another blog to deal with nonfiction I write.