Bear With Me

Ok, I know. Story overload. Sorry. Just trying to get ahead in case I can’t add any chapters for a while. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. It is just that I am working on my Business Management-Administration degree and may not always be able to post. also, I am eager to begin the expansion of The Price Of Lust.

I also need to get back to the sordid tale I was telling on the erotica blog. I have been away from it a couple days and need to try my best to finish it so I can move on and do other stories. Jangalene, though, has been a problem child. I have gone on the blog to post only to have a small case of writer’s block.

I am still waiting on new material for the music blog, but that should be in any day now. The indie film review needs a few recommendations, but should have some new material soon as well. I have plenty of books to review, but need to take time to review a few and clear out my Kindle for PC.

Other than this, I need my audience to respond to a question.

Once I am finished with posting the book as it current form, do you want me to post amended sub-chapters as well as the new sub-chapters as I finish them? Or do you simply want to have something to ponder and make you want to buy the book?