The Price Of Lust: Book One of Faces In The Crowd, Chapter 2.1 & 2.2



The night of my twentieth birthday party, it was Brian who took me home. I’d already determined it to be so. I’d noticed throughout the evening that his friends called him Bugsy. As the night came over the party, I began to see why. In the right light, he did look like the notorious gangster whose nickname had been hung upon him. Still, I would not let this deter me from one night with him. I lusted after him so that I could not be dissuaded from doing that which had lodged itself in my mind.

Indeed, it took place. He knew that I didn’t want a lasting relationship, just as much as I knew that he didn’t. Still, deep inside, he had to have known that he would leave me with a token of our night together. I, too, must’ve known. For, when he entered me, I instantly knew that he’d lied about using a condom.

Still, I did not resist him. Rather, I accepted his deception and soaked in the ecstasy that washed over me in torrents. All that mattered to me was that my lust was being fed and satiated.

I was, in my mind, willing to pay the price. Our forbidden actions continued into the wee hours of the morning, when he finally decided to leave. I lay there, in my room, still reeling from a night of sex that I would not forget. Not that circumstances would not allow it, but because I had enjoyed every moment of it more than I ever had in my life.

I would also later be reminded of it through a single child, my first-born son whom I would love more than he could ever imagine. But, his birth was nine months away. Upon resigning myself to rising from the place that my wildest dreams had just played out, I rose and took on the day with a fresh glow about me. I still had a business to help run. I had a luncheon to attend. I had a life that I needed to continue to lead. And, so, I showered and dressed…taking time to freshen up properly.

I chose a pen-striped suit that was smartly beautiful and provocative. It was low cut, allowing a view of cleavage that was sure to wilt any man who was careless enough to take notice of me. Of course, the ultra-short skirt that went with it also aided in the seduction for it showed nearly too much below the waist. Beneath this, I put on a low cut blouse and poured on the perfume.

Though I did have the presence of mind enough to wear panties, pantyhose, and slip; I didn’t wear a bra. These, I found to be a nuisance. Therefore, I wore them only when I had to. Perhaps I had anticipated the possibility of some amorous event, or maybe I had just been in too much of a hurry.

Still, I went braless all the same. Indeed, and I was not ashamed of the fact. I was shameless, and still am. Perhaps it was my past speaking, but I enjoyed the freedom. I also seemed enthralled with flaunting my own assets.

I felt a need to show off my burgeoning womanhood, my body’s every part that I should’ve wanted covered but didn’t. Perhaps I wanted other women to envy me, or to be me, I don’t know. Nor did it matter.


As I went about my business, dressed to tease men’s’ hearts, I didn’t know that one had already taken notice. Hidden, he watched me as I stopped at the espresso bar and picked up my daily latte. As I reached the office, he revealed himself to me. I, in turn, respected his dogged pursuit and gave him the honor of a few minutes of my time.

He was Halford Grimes, an elderly billionaire who sought me out only for companionship in his old age…not for sexual pleasure. At ninety, he knew that he stood little chance at satisfying me in those ways. Besides, he wasn’t marrying—nor— suggesting such an act for such pleasurable lusts. He merely desired a young, beautiful companion who would accompany him to events that he was involved in such as charities and philanthropic dinners. He needed someone to lean upon when he grew tired.

His determination to meet with and talk personally to me impressed me. He was no stranger to wooing women. Being so impressed, I agreed to marry him. Though it wasn’t out of love, it wasn’t out of convenience either…for in getting married; I was actually creating a big inconvenience for myself where my sex life was concerned. I could no longer live as free as I had. I had to give myself to the man that I now wedded.

Still, I agreed. Perhaps, I thought, he could satisfy me. Maybe, he was the answer to my needs. I couldn’t be sure. But I had to know, so I agreed to marriage. I agreed to wifehood, if only so I could pursue business as usual and settle down.

As the day wore on, I couldn’t help but feel giddy. I couldn’t quite figure out what to do with myself. I was about to enter into the life of a wife and, possibly, a mother. I no longer cared how old he was, something about Hal made me feel different. I didn’t lust after him.

I wanted to be with him, to do all that he required. I wanted to help him and live with him. I wanted to settle down and live a normal life. He seemed to be my only chance for restitution for my past crimes, my past sins. Perhaps, it was my last chance to do what was right.

My friends all noticed my preoccupation immediately, and commented on it. They sat in eerie silence as I explained, in some detail, my unusual luck and ensuing wedding. As I finished, I begged them all to be my bride’s maids. To my pleasant surprise, they all agreed and we began planning the whole affair. Soon, we had it all planned out. At the end of the day, as I stepped out from the front of the building where Hellena and I ran our business, I was met by a limousine. As the driver got out, I stood…uncertain whether or not to run.

“Halford Grimes requests your presence, madam,” he said courteously, “if you will, please get into the car and we shall be on our way.”

Breathless from surprise, I complied. The ride was tense and quiet, but short enough. When we reached our destination, the chauffer got out and opened the door for me. Climbing out, I thanked him and took my leave. Up to the door of the building I walked, being met by a doorman. This gentleman, though remaining silent, let me into the building. Inside, I was met by the lift operator…who accompanied me to the top floor and let me off. There, I found but one single door. At my knock, it swung open and a butler greeted me.

“This way, milady,” his voice droned in monotone, “Master Hal awaits you in the dining room.”