The Next Few Chapters

As you know, I was thinking of expanding the novella. I have decided to do just that. Some of the sub-chapters I am posting will be added to, while new sub-chapters (as well as three new chapters) will be written to build an amazing, dark, romantic, sad, dramatic story with a deeper backstory than before.

New chapters: Akron, Tulsa, and Chicago

There are over fifty sub-chapters to be added, each a new character or event that will expand  the why of this book.

Why does Maggie feel that she is paying for doing certain things in her life?

What events is she damning herself for, and why does she see her mysterious genetic illness as punishment for those events?

Who are her friends?

Since she does not know many of her family (it is not a secret that her father attempted to get as far away from his family as possible, and why is sort of explained in the book), I do not touch upon them as much. I do introduce them, but not as major players and their parts are resolved before the end of the book in a surprising twist.

Much of chapter one became chapter four, Chicago. Chapter two is Akron, and three is Tulsa.

I have also shifted sub-chapters in chapter one, adding four new to lengthen the chapter out. This means that I will be adding to those subs that I have already “finished” so that they are longer than they currently are. As a result, the story you are now reading only resembles the story that will finally be re-released in the near future.