The Price Of Lust: Book One of Faces In The Crowd, Chapter 1.6


Then, on my twentieth birthday, Hellena threw one hell of a bash. Everyone she knew was there…or so I thought. Of course, that was when I met Conrad Seville. My dear, sweet Connie. The love of my life. Only, I didn’t know it then. Had I known, I would’ve never run from it. But, I didn’t know what love really was. I’d never experienced it before. All I’d ever known was lust.

Connie was married at the time, so I decided to strike up a regular friendship with him. He was a handsome fellow of about twenty-five whose long brown hair and average build hid an incredible intelligence and sharp wit. He wasn’t overly dressed for the occasion, but I forgave him his lack of fashion sense and sought his guidance upon any decision of going on an adventure. He, in turn, would advise me accordingly.

His wife, at the time, seemed jealous and very petty. I couldn’t imagine why she would be so toward me, but she didn’t need to be, I only wished to be a friend to him at the time. The more I tried to make it evident, the more jealous she got. Perhaps it was because I had been born into money and she had not. Whatever the case, I was careful around her.

Connie, on the other hand, simply ignored her attitude…or lack of a good one thereof. He seemed oblivious to her snippishness whenever he conversed with me, but I could not help but feel her coldness and ill-mannered abruptness. I merely passed it off as a case of misunderstanding until I noticed that she was that way with Hellena as well.

As the night wore on, I made my rounds with the guests. But in my mind, I kept thinking of poor Connie. Here, I had hundreds of guests with whom I could laugh and joke around with; but he was stuck with that miserable woman who stayed glued to his arm and seemed filled with jealousy toward everyone within the room. He couldn’t have any fun.

How could he put up with that? That had to be pure torture. I couldn’t see how anyone could possibly put up with such nonsense, but he seemed oblivious to it. He was either a strong man, or just plain crazy. I would wager, at the time, a bit of both.

But I would later find that I’d wagered wrong. All night long, I found myself thinking how extraordinarily stupid Connie’s wife really was. Here she had a brilliant, funny, nice, loving, and devoted man, and all she could do was go about being jealous of any woman whom he talked to.

It was utterly ridiculous. No one was going to take him from her. Perhaps she’d been unfaithful to him and thought he was going to be so to her. I don’t know. Whatever her reasoning was, it made no sense what so ever.

Connie was just not that type of man. He was extremely loyal to his woman…especially the one that was his wife. The thought of cheating never crossed his mind. He loved the one he was with, never once looking at another woman lustfully. She just wasn’t using her head.

If I’d wanted him bad enough, I would’ve gotten him. There would’ve been nothing she could’ve done to stop me. Hellena knew that. Hellena also knew that I wasn’t looking for that kind of relationship from him. Other men at the party were fair game, but in my mind Connie was off limits to me…because he was married.