End of Chapter 1

I gave you the final few sub-chapters in chapter one. I felt bad that they were all less than half a normal chapter, so I gave them all to you to equal the 1000+ words I usually try to give. I suppose I could have expanded many of the sub-chapters to make them a bit longer (might still add to them so that I can have a slightly longer book than I now have, but haven’t decided yet), but for time’s sake, and to keep with the original story, I kept the sub-chapters their original length.

There is quite a bit of back story not in this book. It was lost when the original was partially eaten by the computer I started typing it on. Still, I remember enough of it and can actually move chapters in order to give room.

I originally wanted to give a full past to some characters I introduce later on in the book, introducing them in her reminiscing as she is going back through her memories. If I do actually bring them to life, many of the sub-chapters now being read will actually have to be placed into a new chapter of their own, starting right after”Cozy Hartford”. Before I do, I need your input, as the reader.

Remember the point at which I mention the girls from the town? Later on in the story, I actually introduce them. Many of them actually have a backstory that I originally explained. Rosa. Cat. Tabby. Sadie. Stephi. Lea. Consuela. Andrea. Philicia. Daria.

But if I do that, then I have to expand to include the Akron group as well.  Afterward, I can expand upon the last characters I have only touched upon. Is this something you would like me to do? Or no?

It would actually push this book to well over its current 40,000+ word count and make it a full fledged novel rather than a novella or shortened novel. It would also make the story much more interesting and give me something to work with when I get ready to write the rest of the series. so what are your thoughts?