Doubling Up

I decided to give you a double dose of The Price of Lust since the sub-chapters are shorter than the last one I posted.  I had thought about posting a short story, but I decided to keep the total word count for the day around 1000 the average length of my chapters.

In these last sub-chapters, I get into deeper subjects that form who the main character is. I tend to create broken characters. I do this for a reason. Mostly, it has to do with the fact that I have never met anyone who hasn’t faced some sort of trauma in their life.

One thing you will find in each of the books that will be in the Faces In The Crowd series is that each character has either suffered a trauma of some kind or is so diabolical that you pray for their deaths. You will also find that the core characters are the most important ones. Hope you are enjoying the story.