Long sentences and short subchapters

Yes, I admit. This sub-chapter was a tad short. Not too bad, though. This book was written when I could still stand to sit for hours and finish a chapter or a full short story. Now, I can only focus on getting to the 3000 word mark without taking a break.

Also, you might have noticed some ungodly long sentences. For the life of me, I don’t know why I wrote them. In hindsight, I could have broken them up a bit. Still, each full chapter was meant to be a short story in and of itself, and so I wrote them with sub-chapters.

I originally had over 300 pages done on this story, but half (if not more) vanished when Word closed unexpectedly. I had to rewrite  and lost most of the momentum I had. Still, I like the story I ended with although I added a post script that identified what had been meant to remain as an unidentifiable disease. Part of this was due to a blind devotion to family, one I regret. When I get the rights returned to me, I am going to remove the post script and release as I had intended.