On Pause

Before I go any further, I hope I didn’t leave anyone behind with that last chapter. I admit that the story has taken a strange turn and that many things I have revealed in the story were a surprise, but remember, this last chapter is the conversation between a centuries old priest and a young priest to whom he is imparting his wisdom.

Remember that Patrick has fought the devil several times in his past. He has also lived through centuries of changes in belief and spirituality and has seen how it all has changed over those centuries. Although Patrick only admits to three hundred years on the earth, He is actually far older. He has known many names, many appearances, and many loves. He was, indeed, cursed by the devil after one of his battles with Lucifer, to an immortal life and to watch as those he cared about died as he lived on.

He possibly knows how it was in Christianity’s earliest incarnation, but I won’t get into that story just yet. What I can tell you is that he knows more about the relationship between Satan and Lucifer than most. He knows that they were two different beings with similar appearances.

He asked Michael to accompany him, for a reason, as he returned home for the last time. I may (or may not) reveal the exact age of Patrick at the end of his journey with Michael. I don’t know yet.