To the serious writer

Any serious writer avoids Wikipedia unless they have no other recourse. If they are collegiate writers (students as well as freelance writers/bloggers), they are told that Wikipedia is unacceptable as a source of information for any serious research paper. This means that, if you intend to write a blog, you should first seek other sources of information before falling back to Wikipedia.

Why? Well, this is simple. Wikipedia is an open site, meaning that anyone can get onto the site, publish any unverified/inaccurate information and it is not verified or even cited. It is also easily edited by anyone seeking to put their mark on the material contained there. Cited material can, and often is, incorrectly cited making it unreliable.

As an author, I  never rely on Wikipedia unless I cannot find material otherwise. But this is so rare, that Wiki is simply a starting point for sketching outlines and a source of the reference BOOKS I need to look for, not ever my main source. I often dig as deep as I can to find historical sites that contain much of the historical information I need. I double check all references before using them as well.

I dislike it when someone makes a reference to Wikipedia when replying to my replies on posts because it shows me two things:

  1. they do not want to take time to really dig for information, and
  2. they simply want to argue about something I have already fact-checked or LIVED through.

I do not have time to argue points. I do, however, ask that all aspiring authors/writers become acquainted with the fact that Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable source of information for any form of research or reference. If you’re going to write, find credible sources, like past articles from election years or actual biographical/autobiographical material such as memoirs and/or history books.


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