Before We Begin ( a word from our sponsors)

Before I get back to the story, I feel I need to let all know a few things. While I know that some of you have already discovered my poetry blog (all poetry, all the time), I fell I need to give all the link…so here it is: I also know that the vast majority of the adults among you have also discovered the guilty pleasures of my erotica blog (Adults only, please), but for those adults who haven’t, here’s the link to it:

For those looking for cool music to listen to from independent bands, there is my music review blog, , which will also carry music related articles; for those who are looking for books to read, there is my book review blog ; for those seeking indie films you’ve never heard of, there is my movie review blog (I am still looking for more, recently released movies to review. sorry, no mainstream movies here. only the finest in small studio independent film) ; then, there is my lyric and music blog where I post my lyrics and music( Links only for now); And, finally, there is my comix/art blog where you can get a daily comic seven days a week.

Please feel free to stop by all of them and follow my adventures, reviews, lyrics, poetry, or art. Especially, the lyrics and poetry since they are basically a part of the same form of expression. Lyrics, the words behind the songs you listen to (or, in the case of my blog, the words to songs yet to be sung), are one of the oldest forms of poetry, predating the sonnets, limericks, haiku, couplets, and free verse we know today. Eddas and Sagas, The Nordic collection of legend and myth, are one of the oldest remaining examples of lyric poetry. Psalms are also among the oldest forms of lyrics.

To love poetry is to love lyrics as well. So please show my lyrics a little love.

Now back to our story….