OK, so I gave you two chapters for the price of one. I’m no longer sure how to correctly classify this story either. I, personally, can’t continue to think of it as a horror story because I don’t find it scary. I find it shocking, dark, and paranormal…just not scary. Though there are suspenseful-maybe slightly scary-chapters, It has kind of mellowed out on me. Perhaps it is because it is nearing the end, but I am disappointed in myself for not being able to keep the scary going through it all.

I blame the fact that I am writing an erotica story at the same time. Sexual and sensual stories tend to nip fear in the bud before it can get too horrifying. Perhaps it isn’t this at all, but the fact that the closer I get to the end of a story the harder it is for me to continue momentum where horror is concerned…I don’t know.

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed both chapters. I can’t wait to (stifling a giggle) resolve this story line. And by resolve, I mean bring an end to this ¬†particular story. As we know, though, when the devil is on the loose, there can be no resolution to a story. (grins)