The Devil, Chapter Sixteen

“The devil deals in dyin’

And he travels in a hearse…”


All this dying. And for what? A twisted concept? convictions?

Uriel frowned. The devil had outdone himself. He must be proud. But Uriel was disgusted. It was all a waste.

All the lives that were being taken. And those being destroyed. That wasn’t taking into consideration all the destruction Lucifer had caused. But, then, that was what he was good at.

It was Uriel’s job to mop up after him. It wasn’t that Uriel minded. He really didn’t. It wasn’t for him to care about.

Every millennia or so, Lucifer was allowed to try and influence man in some way. He was allowed to seek souls to fill his prison with so he had something to play with for a millennia, not that souls didn’t always go there. Still, Lucifer was never satisfied with the steady in-pouring of souls. He always wanted more.

But this time was different. This time, he was after a single soul. Someone he could make his mate. Someone with power never before seen on earth. A power that transcended rudimentary prayer.

If he won this battle, he would be more powerful than all the angels. He would be able to overthrow God Himself. None of the angels could allow that. Not even Uriel.

So he continued to mop up the devil’s mess. His mission at the moment was to stop the current onslaught of undead. He knew that they weren’t really alive, undead as man wanted to term them, they were mere puppets being used to enslave man to his fears.

He wanted to stop Abaddona and his minions before he ended the terror of the dead puppets. Abaddona was more of a danger at the moment. With the demon and his henchmen running loose, anything Uriel might do to stem the tide of the unholy resurrection would be undone as soon as he had accomplished it. If he was at least able to stop the quartet of demons, he could prevent more of a problem in the long run.

He motioned to Thaniel and Lemuel, waving for them to approach. They approached immediately and stopped before him, bowing in respect.

“Take Mathias and Remuel with you,” He began, “And as many as you think it will take to capture Abaddona and his helpers. Take hold of them and deliver them to those guarding the gates of Hell.”

“Yes, milord,” Thaniel replied, “as you have said, so it will be done.”

Uriel watched his underlings leave to do his bidding.Now, it was a waiting game. He would have to wait until they returned before he could do anything about the “undead” problem.

He marveled. The angels had been created without guile, without sin, and yet Lucifer and his followers had fallen to pride and envy. Their pride had caused hate and contempt for man to form in their hearts. Uriel, on the other hand, felt no such emotions. He loved man, but despised man’s selfishness.

He mourned man’s fall. Man had been so full of potential. He was still full of potential. He still had much he might do, if he could just rise above his weaknesses and obsession with himself. He could even become god, in a sense, and transcend his physical being. But he had to purge his heart and soul of hate and all that was evil and unnatural.

He had to laugh. Man tended to look at the physical for what was unnatural. But the physical world had no hold on the spiritual one. Unnatural, in its purest definition, was anything that twisted the heart and soul into black forms and didn’t allow love to grow. Love was natural. Unconditional love.

But what man thought was love was not. Most of what man mistook as love was nothing more than lust. Sexual attraction without real feeling. Attraction to physical ownership acquisition of physical riches. What love man did feel had conditions attached.

He loved only if the one he showed love to loved him back. He loved only if he could gain something. He loved if he felt he could change the one in question. He loved if the other person shared his views. He loved as long as the other person was the same color as him. Or same belief. There was always a condition.

But love had never been meant to have conditions laid upon it. It had been meant to encompass all, not just a select few.It had never been meant to be based on anything physical.

Respect, honor, understanding, mercy–none of those things mattered to man. Only bending others to his will, following after his greed,  killing for the lack of anything better to do, ignoring the wise, and berating those who could see the truth was all man wanted to do. The youngest creation simply wanted to ignore his creator and destroy himself.

But there was always hope, even when it all seemed beyond all hope. It was not time for an end. Not yet.  Man still had to rise beyond his faults. He still had to become truly enlightened.

Never mind the Bible, Torah, or Koran. Man had left the paths laid by those books long ago. And, yes, the devil had to be thanked for that. The devil had seen to it that none of the “holy” books were complete. He had made sure that the most important information was missing. He had made sure that they were useless for much of anything except being disputed.

Man had to come to the realization that he had to transcend his current condition by letting go of all the conditions he had placed upon his love for others of his race. He also had to come to the realization that all were of one race. The human race.

He had to come to the realization that the creator had never created diseases such as man suffered now. Man had created those in his search for the most nightmarish biological weapons. they had been created in his race to beat  himself in discovering new nightmares to inflict upon himself. Man had been suicidal since his fall and had ignored every attempt to save his insignificant life along the way.

Uriel shook his head sadly. He only hoped that man would wake up soon. He wanted to see man take up his mantle, his crown, and become the god he was meant to be. Maybe someday.


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  1. Oh, I liked reading Uriel’s POV and how he views mainkind. This is such an awesone story! You really should have more reads on this. If you ever publish this, I would be the first to buy it!

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