The Devil, Chapter Fourteen

“Oh it’s raining in the mountains

And the river’s on the rise

And we cannot hardly reach the other side”

The devil was confused. For millennia, he had been able to misdirect mankind. It started with Adam and Eve. It had been so simple to get them to eat from the wrong tree and lose paradise. Then it was turning Cain against evil. Then building the Tower of Babel. And man before the flood.

Who was he fooling? He had been the one who’d convinced man that all that happened. It hadn’t really. At least not quite the way the Bible recorded it. Of course, the Bible was so distorted and shattered that it was no longer accurate enough to guide a blind man through a room full of chairs. Hell. The “history” Christians and Jews now saw as accurate had been destroyed by scholars who had been in too much of a hurry to rewrite complete texts.

Genesis, which had been over one hundred books in the earliest days of it having been recorded, and some of those not really history at all but-rather-allegory, has been distilled down to fifty really short chapters that made very little cohesive sense. some of the rest of the hundred, forty to be exact, had been condensed down into chapters for a “new” book called Exodus. The remaining twenty-some chapters became Leviticus. Of course, these had been condensed and distilled until they no longer resembled their original forms and contained repeats of certain points from the earlier “books”.

Time reference had been easy for him to convince man to lose in the new “books”. With a distorted sense of time and age, it would be easy to convince man that earth was so much younger than science would prove it to be. Fundamentalism was easy to bring forth in the heart of man, especially since it dwelt upon the physicality of those around him instead of on his own heart.

Over millennia, it had been so easy-even after the birth, death, and resurrection of Christ-to convince man to swallow the lies of fundamentalism and leave the path left by the Son of God. All he’d had to do was whisper a lie to feed the fear and keep man from learning anything that might actually weaken the devil’s hold on the world.

Science and technology had helped him feed the fears of religious man, making him believe that science was trying to disprove the existence of his god–which had been created in his image with his selfish expectations toward others of his race. Man’s hate, started by Lucifer himself as a form of revenge for man taking the angels’ place as God’s main focus, ate away at him until he hated everyone…especially if they were not the same color, creed, or philosophy as him.

Yes, man had made it so easy. From the earliest times, man had made things so easy. Even after correcting his path to follow Moses. Then the prophets. Then the Kings of Israel. Then Christ. Then Mohammed.

It didn’t matter who Heaven sent to realign man’s spiritual vision, man was so easily led off the righteous paths and into darkness. Oh, there were always some who refused the devil’s advances, but he had always been able to deal with them by making their peers view them as heretics or devil worshipers. Or even heathens. Yes, man was so gullible.

As medical advancements were being made, he had led man to create medicines without need, simply for profit’s sake. Greed. One thing man always saw as a virtue, though it was not, was greed. Monetary gain at cost to others was always of interest to man. If he could make a buck, He would exploit whatever the devil planted in his brain to its fullest extent.

To market these new unneeded medicines, the inventors and those who employed them came up with fictitious mental problems. All in the name of making a profit. All in the name of convincing weaker humans to buy and use drugs they really didn’t need. Drugs that would spawn the birth of a new illegal street version known as meth.

Amazing how he could control human destiny. Amazing how he could keep himself supplied with souls. Man had always been weak. Always.

But now, he-Lucifer-was having trouble. For the first time, he was unable to win a battle. He had picked a target that should have been so easy to win. Yet here he was, being faced down by a group of humans stronger than he was. And that group of humans was led by Heaven’s jailer. Abaddon.

Damn that angel! He was always meddling where he wasn’t wanted! And that Damned Irish priest! He had made a mistake by cursing Patrick with immortality. But he couldn’t undo what he’d already done.

Besides. Heaven had probably found a way to turn his curse into a boon, a blessing. God seemed funny that way. At times, downright hilarious.

Until now, Lucifer had laughed at man. Always medicating away those gifts given freely, then wondering why their children no longer ‘had the drive’ to be productive in life or why the most brilliant were too afraid to come into contact with their fellow man. It had amazed him how all he had to do was whisper doubts and fears, suspicions and lies into the ear of man and man would find them so easy to believe and discover ways to medicate away nonexistent illnesses and mental problems that had no basis in reality.

It had kept him well supplied with souls from mentally devastated youth and the doctors who advocated using the psychiatric drugs simply to still children who needed to be allowed or, in some cases, forced to go outside and play.

Storms began popping up everywhere. Lucifer was striking out blindly at unseen sources of annoyance beyond the mountains. He was furious, yet had no idea who or where he needed to focus his rage. He was suddenly caught in a dilemma that he could not rise above.

Even deserts began experiencing rain such as they had never seen in their existence.Floods swept the most arid deserts, taking almost every creature that inhabited their sandy wastes.



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