Side Note

Before I piss those of you reading off, I will explain the last chapter…as well as those to follow. The book, though having a very deep philosophical plot, is not to be a “Christian” book. It is to be a horror story fraught with Angels having moments of doubt, Mankind being taken to the very brink of a definite end, a battle that encompasses the world, and a few indictments against man and his treatment of faith. those around him, and his view of what is truly important.

Do not worry, though. Good will prevail over evil. But even the representatives of good have their moments of doubt and bitterness before they prevail. Sodom and Gomorrah were not destroyed because of their sexual practices, but because they had stopped caring about those around them. they had forsaken their fellow man for their own personal desires, much as present day man has done.

Those who strive to be “good” do not condemn or judge those around them. They see each and every person they meet as a mirror to their own soul. The weaknesses represented by each person is a weakness they know that they have to work on within themselves. The love we show to others should never come with conditions. it should always be without condition. But we seem to be so stuck on expecting something in return for what we have to offer that we cannot understand that  we should expect a single thing.

The story I am writing represents the struggle within us all. The good, the evil, the determination, the doubt, and the weaknesses we encounter within our own struggles, no matter what we believe. The major players are just characters picked to represent those weaknesses.

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  1. I think your story is wonderful, and I don’t have any issues with it =) It’s rare find authors who can write a good angels and demons story.

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