It’s Got Me Scratching My Head

So I was on my erotica blog (Harry’s World) and tried to reblog the only chapter of the last WIP I was working on there. I thought I had successfully done so when…the blog crashed. Was the shock of my return too much for it? Did something go horribly wrong?

I know that it has been a year since I actually visited the blog, not that it was intended, but shit. I should be able to make posts. I do, after all, tend to have long dry spells when it comes to writing and especially when it comes to writing erotica. but it shouldn’t cause a blog to crash when I decide to pick the genre back up again.

Whatever the problem, I will get to the bottom of it. I will write more about HH. I will bring his adventures to life. And I will publish them when I am through.

I now have inspiration. When one is single, it is only easy to bring to life a certain amount of his or her fantasies. But once you are married, you can suddenly bring in the sensations and the smells that go along with it all as well. You are finally able to paint pictures that the reader can touch, taste, hear, and smell. You can make it all seem so real, so sensual. You can give it depth through experience.

I am disappointed that I cannot get on the blog and do what I set out to do. Still, it just might be a glitch taking place today. Who Knows? I sure hope that the blog isn’t in WordPress jail. After all, it is an adult-only blog and I don’t always have time to check and make sure all the readers are adults. Of course there are adults that I wonder about their maturity level anyway, but still. I would like to continue Harry’s journey.