Backstory…The Hardest Part to Write.

Backstory. The part of the story that tells the “history” of the tale you are trying to weave. Strangely, it can be the hardest part to write. This, though, depends on whether or not it has dialogue in it. If not, then the trick is to keep the backstory from being too dry. Too uninteresting. People hate dry and uninteresting.

The chapters of my current unpublished WIP that deal with backstory has been the hardest for me to write. I have to give the story of what happens before the current running story line. But I find that it is kind of tedious, this balance that keeps the backstory from being-shall we say?-boring.

My only hope is that I have succeeded. Through condensing millennia of events into a single chapter, I believe I have kept the backstory interesting. Suffice it to say that I am glad to be done with backstory for a while. Until next time…