A Side Trip

My current unshared WIP is sure to cause a stir. It works on three principles that could be seen as sacrilege  to most Christians.

  1. Man was not created on earth.
  2. The being we have called “Creator”, “Father”, and “God” is none of the three.
  3. The entity that did create abandoned mankind and all creation right after creation.

OK, so there is a fourth point which is tied to the first: man colonized space, the universe, long before earthly history began and each set of observers sent to record man’s rise/fall were from the planet of origins and left earth when they found they were not as widely accepted as they thought they would be. These beings would go on toward the center of the galaxy and universe in search of a new home, leaving their colonies behind to fend for themselves. The colonies, now on their own due to selfishness and hate, would begin to devolve into man of today…lost, filled with greed, filled with hate, filled with fear, and having created a “God” that had all his attributes but immortal and beyond judgment.

Man has always believed himself a god, why not write a series of books about his god complex? Better yet, why don’t we marry his fascination with being “God” with his fascination with extraterrestrial aliens? I know, there has already been a book or two that has been written along similar premises, but this examines how religion has destroyed man’s ability to progress to what the philosophy of faith expected him to.

I guess that, when it comes right down to it, I have begun a series based on what man could be opposed to what he is. He begins perfect and slowly slides back into his warlike hateful, greedy ways–riddled with diseases he (according to the plot) had already conquered in his past but forgot the cure. His pursuit of earthly things causes him to forget where he came from, that he was once a united race despite his difference in color, that all philosophies handed to him were the same-just a bit less pure than the original path and polluted by ethnic biases and misconceptions-and would get him to where he started from, and that religiosity-as opposed to philosophical faith in the unproven, though actually proven, path-gets him nowhere fast.

From a modern stand point, the views taken in this series (a mix of creationist and evolutionist) would be considered the ideas of a heretic as would the underlying theme that wealth, power, earthly gain, our own desires on how others should act, and every condition we place upon all that we do for others really means nothing in the grand scheme of things and that it really does not gain us any memorial except as some of the most evil men or women to ever exist. My view of those around us being mirrors of our darkest tendencies, our having to turn our gaze inward-instead of outward-to see what needs to be changed  and using those around us to help us in this mission, and to reject the idea that belief is physical instead of a spiritual walk would also be seen as heretical.

I really don’t care. Tradition, when used wrongly, becomes a downfall. In the end, we, as humans, being a single race (not many) varied by color so as to add color to the world, are supposed to grow. To grow, we are supposed to reject hate, fear, ignorance, arrogance, and greed. If we love without condition, we have no room for hate. If we hate, we have no room for love. This is the deepest premise of the series, to make us turn out gaze inward and to remove all the conditions we have placed upon our love of our neighbors, enemies, and brothers.