About The Devil

When I started this story, I was attempting to write a “Christian” horror story. As I went along, I realized that there can be no such thing due to the very natures of both the “Christian” and “horror” genres. Evil is present in horror, whereas every “Christian” novel/story I have read is so convoluted and sugar coated that it is not even close to reality. Of course, I haven’t read a lot of “Christian” books, and I realize that this lack disqualifies my opinion, I do happen to keep in touch with the “Christian” genre community and have read current trends within their genre.

With this said, had I remained on the “Christian” side of things, I would have had to omit much of the death and destruction, and sheer terror, that I put in the book so far. Nor would I be able to write the end that I want to write.

The concept of the story was to show that evil can take any form it desires, even the form of a priest. It is ironic that current events, especially with the rise in the number of supposed “men of God” preaching hate toward people, seem to mirror what I was writing.

Perhaps I should have finished this book before now, but I have found that the more horrific the story I am writing, the more time away from it I need to take. I was half done with The Devil when I took my hiatus.  Like every horror story I have written, it began to work on my psyche and cause me nightmares. When this began to happen, I decided that I needed to stop and do something else.