After the Last Four Chapters…

After I finish with The Morrow Family Saga, Book Three, I have decided to commit piracy with my first books The Price Of Lust and Seven By Jay and release them in serial form here. Well, at least The Price of LustSeven is a collection of early short stories, so I will be releasing the stories. To hell with the publisher. They keep threatening to take them out of publication and I keep trying to come up with the $900+ they ask “to process them back” to my control.

It’s my way of rebelling against their high pricing of my two fiction books. it is also my way of rebelling against their high cost to return my rights to me. Guess that was what I got for going with a “vanity” press that masqueraded as a traditional small publisher. I didn’t realize what they were until after signing the contract. That was when they began nickel and dime-ing me with their “exclusive” programs and promotion “opportunities” like charging me $50 to convert my books to e-book form for Amazon (something I can do for free as a self-pub author) or to take my book to the American Book Expo or the European Book Expo.

When they introduced their “literary agents”, which you had to pay small fees to get to do anything (I was told by more than one author that an agent doesn’t get paid until you do and that agents do not ask for a fee upfront),I began to wonder about them. I also began planning on reacquiring my rights to all three books I have published through them. This means that I would be able to re-publish all three and charge less for them.

Anyway, I am going to serialize Price and release each short story in Seven. Over on my Poetry blog, I will release the poems from So here’s to Twilight and Other Poems (originally titled The Fall or the Grand Empire). Once I gain enough support and find enough income to buy back my rights (which is basically what I have to do even though it is termed as a “processing fee”), I will be able to release the books as well as continue the series that Price belongs to.