Nearing the Finish Line

OK, so there are only four or five chapters left of Laughing. After that, I will be reposting past chapters of The Devil and then finishing from where I left off. I may actually change the last few chapters I had finished so that the story continues a while longer, I don’t know yet. It just depends on whether I find them dry or not.

My reason for stopping when I did was twofold. First, I was having a case of writer’s block. Secondly, it was starting to bother me mentally, the only reason I haven’t made horror my main genre. Beyond that, I was enjoying the writing process.

After I finish The Devil, I will be returning to Angel of Death. I want to get to where I have plenty books finished in the series so I can focus a little on the Morrows. I actually want to get the first series in the saga finished so I can breathe a bit easier. And regroup.

I don’t mind writing historical fiction, but it is a lot like horror in the fact that it can wear on you. the intense research. The strict adherence to accuracy. Attention to details. It all gets to the point where it runs together after a while.

Hell. I may take time to write a romance or an erotica piece before I return to the Morrows. I don’t know yet. Just depends on how I feel. Or I might actually finish the manuscript for the second book in the Faces In The Crowd series. I do now that I am planning on posting chapters from the first book, The Price Of Lust so you can actually see the very first novella I released. Just don’t let the publisher know.