The trouble with family

It is amazing just how much an author puts into his or her stories. Past experiences, along with basic knowledge, makes up quite a bit of what goes into a character, a scene, or basis of the story. Strangely enough, these can be separated into sections. the darker side of those around the author become villains, just as the darker events turn into the most horrifying scenes. the lighter, then, becomes the protagonists and the “good” minor characters.

I have written a lot of what my family is into many of my characters. Depending on the mood or tone of a conversation, a character can be a positive one or a negative one. With me, the darkest side of my family experiences go into my horror or vampire fiction. the lighter side goes into my less dark stories. The tone of the atmosphere, socially, sometimes influences my flash fiction and even many of my short stories.

The problem with family is that they never realize where characters come from. Nor do they see fiction as a source of possible lessons on how they act and treat others. They simply feel that fiction is there to entertain. But wait.

Most religious writings are allegory. Allegories are FICTION. Whether it is based on factual events or not, an allegory still remains fiction. A piece of fiction meant to teach.

But what do allegories teach? That is the question. It depends on the allegory. If it is about war, it is about discipline. If it is about giving up one’s only child, it is about sacrifice. If it has to do with walking a path without proof, it is about having faith in your fellow human beings.

Most fiction, science fiction and fantasy especially, is allegory. Anything dealing with the future, or a battle between good and evil, is an allegory. Some adventure, action, crime, drama, romance, and horror also fits as allegory as well, depending on the actual unintended message (or, sometimes, the meaning that the writer meant) was.

I always intend each story to hold a warning, just as my influences did. I warn of what could happen, what will happen if a course of action is not averted, or or the consequence of trends. I also try to remind that history DOES matter. It DOES teach us where the pitfalls are. It also teaches us what will make the future better.