A Letter From A Son (Fiction)

Dear Mother:

I am writing to resign my post as your son. From your recent reaction, polls are in and my approval ratings are way down. This means that you have done your monthly/bi-monthly review and have found my performance as your son lacking. I  am not sure what part of my performance actually disappoints you, nor do I care. Simply stated, I would rather resign than to be fired or laid off.

It is with much sadness that I resign. Over the past four years, My input into this family has become less and less accepted and more and more ignored. As a result, all that should have been done is now beyond fixing.

Everything you have fought me over is now no longer salvageable. Once I am no longer a part of the family, you will only have two options.

  1. To try and fix through treatments that will cost thousands of dollars, and  a possibility that they won’t work, or
  2. to tear everything down, burn it, and sell for whatever the land is worth…unless you rebuild, which is just as expensive as the repairs you were facing PLUS the treatments for what is wrong with the property.

I think you understand now what I have been warning about, but it is too late to apologize and make right. It is too late to acquiesce and give back what has been taken away.

I knew from the beginning that you did not approve of the merger between myself and my new partner. It was evident in your questions, how you treated them, and how you handled the legal aspect of the merger. It is as if you were hoping that there would be no merger. In fact, you tried everything to ensure that it wouldn’t happen.

I somehow get the idea that you find happiness inconvenient. Especially my happiness. It gets in your way. Keeps you from feeling that you are in control of every aspect of my part of the business.  and that makes you very unhappy.

But, happiness is key to survival. Especially for me. I no longer care what makes you happy. That is no longer my business. Just as my happiness is no longer any of yours.

From this point on, I am resigning so I can begin a company of my own. This is my time to shine. Think of everything you have done for me up to this point an investment.

In the future, should you see a need to bring me back as your son, we will have to sit down and iron out the details. The difference will be that all the talking points will be mine, all demands will be mine. In arbitration, I will be the one in control and you will have to meet my demands before I return to the position I am now vacating.

I hope, from this point on, that you can find the right person to fill the vacant position. I know I should be giving you 30 days, but with relations now strained beyond the breaking point, I believe it is prudent to vacate the position effective immediately.


Your former son.