The Dark Portal

The amazing thing was not how it came to be. the amazing thing was why. For generations, the people who inhabited the land lived in peace. That peace had been held together by The Orb, a sentient ball of energy that guided the people. It never claimed to be god, just a guide.

From a distant land, men arrived. Not the dark, dusky, reddish men the land had known, but a pale, almost sickly looking group of men who seemed to abhor the light of The Orb. These, the people of the land named “the pale ones”. And, for a time, the two people got along.

Soon enough, the Pale Ones began to grow restless. Peace had never been a part of their nature. No, the Pale Ones loved war. They loved greed. They loved to hate. They loved to rape and pillage.

In fact, they loved to take away things that belonged to their native hosts and tell them that those things were never theirs to begin with. Yet, those things had been the natives’ belongings, shared equally among all.

It is odd how, before the Pale Ones, the natives were perfectly happy with sharing all that the land had to offer and not counting anything as belonging to anyone. But once the Pale Ones arrived, the newcomers suddenly placed value on all things…even food.

Oppression and bigotry followed these newcomers throughout the land, causing once peaceful natives to turn on their own. Religion and lust became the most important things to these pale skinned foreigners. Killing, raping, stealing–this became common place. the peace that the land had known had become almost a myth.

The Orb, knowing that something had to be done, created the Dark Portal. This portal stood high upon a mountain, a sentinel of illusion, beckoning to the Pale Ones. When asked what the portal held, they were told riches beyond measure. Some began to worship it. Others began to inspect it. Still others sought to probe its mysteries.

Slowly, one by one, the Pale Ones vanished from the lands. Soon, only the natives remained. As the memory of the Pale Ones died, so did their influence upon the natives. Peace, once hidden by physical desires, returned upon the land and brought with it a new found sense of oneness.

After the last of the Pale Ones had vanished, The Orb sealed the portal shut. Soon, the portal became a monolith, standing as silent memorial to what one will do to restore peace. Upon closer inspection, there was found a single inscription: “To all who bow to the gods of physical desire and war, beware”. had the Pale Ones learned to read, or to pay attention, perhaps they could have taken the warning of the inscription. Perhaps, had they paid attention, they might have realized that there is more to life than simply starting wars, stealing what belongs to others, and hating those who are different.