Slowly, they form in your mind, becoming real only to you. But you are the only one who sees. You are the seer, they are the vision. No one else sees, at least not until you put them on paper and sell them.

At least that is how it is supposed to happen. But it doesn’t always happen the way it is supposed to. Of course, there are no absolutes in being an author. Just variations and different forms of ecstasy and agony. Ecstasy appears when you sell one or two, agony appears when you don’t sell any at all.

I know. Business is slow. But that has been been because of the fact that promotion has taken a backseat to schooling. But, in the next few days-or weeks-I will be putting links to my books up within a Spotify e-shop. Along with this action, I will also begin editing and ghosting  from the site.

I only have one thing standing in my way. I had to send for a new copy of my birth certificate on Tuesday. The “great” state of Missouri, in their infinite wisdom, has taken it sweet time getting it to me so that I can legally/officially (take your pick) change my name once and for all. No, I am not legally changing my name to Jaysen True Blood. Instead, I am simply taking my wife’s last name.

Quite a surprise, eh? OK, not so much. After all, if you follow me on Facebook, At least my personal FB page, You probably already know all this since I announced the change about three months ago. Enough about that.

I will be returning to the Morrow Family Saga in a few days. I think. At the moment, I am saddled with two classes instead of the one I have been so used to. Economics and Marketing. At least I am doing halfway decent at them. And am learning just how much of what I had been taught in the past is wrong. Truly amazing.