What I get for thinking….

I have had a great day today. I am kind of nervous, since I am leaving my job at the gas station. Still, Kelly (my fiancee) and I went out to Waubonsie State Park, which is seven miles south of town…and where we will be holding our hand fasting. And, of course, we picked one of the most beautiful spots: the overlook. It, as its name implies, looks out over the Missouri River valley between Iowa and Nebraska.

Kelly pointed out something I had not realized, though. You can see two other states: Nebraska and Missouri. Truly breathtaking. We chose the location well.

We even went back to do a little hiking on the trails! I was in paradise! For the first time in over twenty years, I was able to go on a hike! I love hiking. It is a great form of exercise….and a great source of inspiration as well.

And I was inspired! I was inspired to add the park, and all its beauty, into the story! No, not in this book, but in the next one. I did just enough research to make sure that I can do so, and since the park was founded in the 1920’s, I can. And will.

Each book in the first ten will hold a new scenic wonder to add a lightness to the dark theme. This round, I took you to the State fair. Next destination will be Waubonsie. After that, I am going to find other places of interest within the state of Iowa which will appear in the next six books. The Seventh will probably open in Washington, DC. Not sure yet.



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  1. Sounds interesting. And the view of two states must be pretty cool. Did you take a picture of the view at all? (Note: If I’m being cheeky just ignore the question)

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