The Morrow Family Saga, Book Two: Dreams, Chapter Twenty-Four

Saturdays and Sundays were reserved for the family in the Morrow household. They would go to movies, play card games or even the newest board game, go bowling, and even eat out at a favorite restaurant. On the second Saturday of August, they even went to the State Fair. The carnival rides and games captivated Natalia while the Animals and the exhibits drew Shasta’s attention.

But during the school year, they did the other activities. Natalia was always eager to go to the movies and to go out to eat. She didn’t care for the museums, operas, the symphonies, or the bowling. Even the games did not enthuse her that much.

Shasta, on the other hand, loved the cultural and sporty events. She excelled at the games as well. She didn’t mind the movie nights, since she could critique each and every film and compare the ones based on novels to their original novel. Often, she found that things had been changed. Sometimes, it was that something was added. Other times, it was that a part had been omitted. Or that the book hadn’t been followed at all.

When they failed to follow the original story, she was disappointed. It didn’t mean that the movie wasn’t good, it just meant that she was in favor of literary accuracy where movies were concerned. She wanted the movies to follow the books. she wanted the story to retain its integrity. But Hollywood had trouble following stories.

And so, Shasta found that staged plays and musicals tended to bring to life their own stories. they were never based off books. Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, and Eugene O’Neil were the best. Shakespeare was every writer’s favorite muse, and she was no exception. Acting, writing, and singing came naturally to her though she refrained from showing it.

Perhaps, in the near future, papa would take them to New York City. Broadway was where all the latest musicals and plays were performed. And the arts scene was a must-see.

And while they were back east, maybe they could stop in Washington, DC, and enjoy the sights there. So much to do. So little time. Yes. She would have to talk papa into planning a family vacation.

She smiled. She knew that papa would listen to her. He loved to take his girls on field trips. Especially if they could learn something.

But she knew that Natalia wouldn’t appreciate it. Not fully. Sure, she would find the acting and fashion intriguing. But that was as much as Nattie would notice.

Still, this was not about what Nattie wanted. After all, Nattie saw no point in learning anything. It was about what the rest of them could find to enjoy. That was what mattered.


Natalia sat in the backseat of the family car. She hated these little ‘learning’ trips. they held no importance to her. Nothing held much importance. Not unless it revolved around Tobias French, being a movie star, or fashion. Education meant nothing to her. History meant nothing to her. Just physical things, a chance at Hollywood power, and a moment in time with her beloved Toby.

Still, she had to humor mama and papa. She had to feign interest. Even enjoyment. She had to make them happy.

She couldn’t wait to be a grownup. She couldn’t wait to be out on her own. Then, she could make her own decisions, go where she wanted, and be whatever she wanted to be. It was everything she ever wanted.

She was so impatient to be away from everyone. She wanted to go and search for love. She wanted to know how it felt. She wanted to be held by a boy. She wanted—

But she was too young right now. That was what all the boys were saying. She was ‘too immature’ to know how to handle a relationship. She would show them who was too immature. She was no fool when it came to love. She was mature enough for three of those boys. She would show them.

Her mind was a war zone. Her emotions were scattered. Her hormones had kicked in early and everyone had been put on notice. She was boy crazy.

She had become curious about her body and the changes it had begun. Her voice now cracked. She could feel noticeable changes to her physical appearances. She was no longer just a child. she was starting to grow into a young woman.

These changes both frightened and excited her. They held her spellbound as they overtook her. She was beginning to grow up physically, but her mind and maturity level had yet to catch up to her.  This little war had made her go wild. It was a wild she would never be free of.


Shasta, too, had noticed her body going through changes. But she had not allowed herself to go emotionally wild. She remained calm. Cool. Collected.

Though curious, she decided that studying about those changes would suit her better than the path her sister had taken. She knew that Natalia’s path was one of no return. Once down it, she would never emerge.

So Shasta turned to her books. Medical encyclopedias. Anatomy books. Behavioral science books. Whatever she felt would help her understand.

And the books helped her. They gave her knowledge that most wouldn’t learn until they went to college. But, then, knowledge was power. Power gained you entrance to any world you wanted to be a part of.

With this new knowledge, she could be a Hollywood makeup artist. Or a screenwriter. Or a director. Doors stood open, waiting for her to choose which one she would enter.

Still, she would wait until she graduated from high school to decide her future. She would plan her career, then plan a family. Beyond that, she was willing to wait to see the outcome. At the moment, she was too young to desire the touch of a boy. Or a kiss.

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