A Little Bit More About The Story Unfolding

So far, I have introduced the important historical figures to the story. Senator McCarran was real and the bill he got passed into law was a real nightmare-come-true for the US in the 1950’s and 1960’s. By 1970, it had been whittled down, diluted, enough so that what it caused in the 50’s and 60’s could not continue beyond the 70’s.

the idyllic world painted by such shows as Happy Days and I Love Lucy ( The Ozzy and Harriet Show, My Three Sons, Mayburry R.F.D., and many other “peaceful” shows could be added to this as well since not one actually confronted the socio-political issues of the day and tried to make life seem so peaceful when it really wasn’t) just did not exist as it is portrayed. There were things going on in government that would have made America recall ALL of its representatives, but was kept a secret.

McCarran set loose a monster when he got the McCarran Act put into law. Suddenly, everyone saw their neighbor as a “red” instead of as a fellow American and began turning their neighbors in for little or no reason (kind of like the Salem witch hunt and witch trials of the 1600’s) or simply because they were more successful.

The main supporter of this Act was J. Edgar Hoover, who suspected ALL Americans of being “reds” and kept files on all citizens both big and small. There was a war going on between him and two men I mention at the federal level (Schoeneman and McGrath, as well as their later successors) as well as tension between him and Truman (and later Eisenhower and the successive presidents after him).

The Iowa Tax Commission members I mention are real people, as are the Iowa State Attorney, the governor, and the Assembly members. I will later be introducing the federal Congressmen into the story, but haven’t reached that point yet. Don’t worry, though. The conflicts I am introducing into the story do have a major effect on Natalia. It is just building the tension right now.later, it will all break loose and things will start falling into place.

I notice, though, that this country has a very short memory. Again, we are heading down an all-too-prevalent path this country has followed in centuries past. We are backsliding into a shit pile we do not want to enter. Why? Because we’ve been there before. And all too recently. I am basically exploring that last slip into madness we took in this series and trying to show how it affected those who lived through it personally. And how it affected future generations.