Alarming Trends/My Philosophical Views

There are several alarming trends within the Christian community which switches the professing “Christian” from being a follower of the entity they claim to follow to being the very antithesis of that precept and master. I have watched for well over twenty years as what had once been criticized for being too syrupy and kind became criticized for being too full of hate, greed, and malice.In essence, Christianity (or should I call it popular/secular Christianity?) has become very anti-Christian. basically, it has become the very beast, the Anti-Christ if you will, that they struggled so long and hard to keep from power.

Let me explain my view. If you have studied the actual content (not being told what to believe or how to interpret) of the Bible, there is a constant theme in both the OT and NT. The only difference is that the OT is more about learning how to love one’s neighbors and family, as well as the godhead, than anything else. Granted, some has some major violence attached, but when you look at the commandments and the laws given, they are instructions on what is included in loving those around you. thing like honor, respect, devotion, fair treatment, fair wages for workers (yes, this is even included in the OT and NT), truthfulness, honesty, mercy, defense of all, etc. are all a part of loving all.

And, yes, it starts at an early age with honoring/obeying (showing the utmost respect to) one’s parents and branches out to being kind and showing mercy to others. Yet, these commandments have equals within ancient law texts from other contemporary peoples. Take the code of Hammurabi for instance. at least two thirds of the “Ten Commandments” can be found within this ancient code as well as in the codex of Egyptian laws, not to mention nearly every code within the ancient Mesopotamian cultures. These are not unique laws, they are basic universal laws. Laws on how to be a part   of a society and remain at peace with your neighbor.

And yet, popular/secular Christianity would have you believe that they or “God” wrote these laws. Perhaps “God” did, but they are universal. Even the Greeks and Romans included many or these “laws” before they ever came into contact with Christianity or Judaism. Don’t believe me? Look it up. Find every history book that teaches about Hellenistic Greece or Republican Rome, as well as Mesopotamian city-kingdoms (and especially Babylon) and you will have your eyes opened.

This belief in their being the originators of the “Law of the land” is the first problem that has arisen over the last twenty years. This myth could not be further from the truth. The laws they lay claim to, as I have shown, were around centuries-millennia-before Christianity ever emerged.Their “laws” do not make them special or even set them apart. Hell. They stole their own laws from Judaism, from which Christianity emerged.

The next problem is their obsession with the physical. Money. Guns. Appearances. Physical adherence to the letter of the law, not the spirit of the law. Obsession with “Converting” others physically, forgetting that their own hearts and minds are not truly converted.

An obsession with what others around them are doing physically, whether it is sexual preference or believing the same line of bullshit that they themselves believe. They obsess about color of skin, place of origin, or political inclination.

They hate anyone who is different when they were instructed to love all–no matter what. They oppress others, but claim that others are oppressing them. They want to control when they were called to be examples, not leaders. They oppose the leadership when they were instructed to support those in power. They chaser after riches when they were told to focus on Him (a man cannot serve two masters. Either he will love the one and hate the other, or he will attend the one and ignore the other…).

They ignore those laws that chastise them for sexual infractions they deem OK, but condemn others for being homosexual. Really? Incest and rape were both condemned in the OT commands, but are readily ignored by those claiming to “live as Christians”. They wage war without a second thought to “You shall not kill”, and yet will condemn a man for trying to defend himself against an attacker. They ignore “you shall not steal” and yet attempt to strip those who are needy, ill, elderly or children of much needed social help. They strive to destroy poor families in the name of “preserving” families, and yet will beat their own families.

This is the very antithesis of what they claim to believe. If you believe in Christ, you believe that you should love all, despite their personal tastes. You refrain from judging. you refrain from condemning. You refrain from oppression. You treat the alien and foreigner with respect and honor. You see all, despite the color of their skin, their system of belief, or their sexual preference as your brother and your equal. You realize that, no matter what sin you may perceive in others, you remain a sinner yourself and probably harbor greater sins and burdens than those you meet.

You have to remember that is it our burden, if we desire to prove our belief in Christ, to provide-without resentment or selfish desire of repayment-help for our poor, handicapped, ill, elderly and children. We should never differentiate between rich or poor. If you are rich and claim to follow, be willing to help your poor brother without grumbling.

Yes, I believe that modern Christianity, in its fervent desire to preserve itself and to become the major power, has become the very beast they feared for so long. They are the anti-Christ. Their hate,greed, selfishness, lack of compassion and mercy, and their very focus on the physical has made them so. They have earned every bit of criticism they have received.

“If a man says ‘I love God’, but hates his brother, he is a liar. For how can you love God whom you have not seen, but hate your brother whom you have?”  People. Each and every human being is a picture, the very image, of God. Even the Muslim next door or the homosexual you seem so turned off by at work. Black, white, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Wiccan, Pagan, Buddhist, Hindu, Voodoo, Arab, Native American, transgender, male, female, androgynous, rockers, classical musicians, homeless, rich, poor, young, old, ill, handicapped, in good health–we are all the image of God. He loved us all and allowed his son to die for us all. Stop making it a divisive thing. Quit insisting that we follow one path. In the end, we will all find that we were both right and wrong. None of us have all the answers. Hell. we don’t even have a tenth of the answers. Stop acting like you are the only ones who are right. if you hate, you cannot love. It is just that simple.


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