Good Night And Sweet Dreams

Well, that was the last chapter for the night. Yup, I had to bring J.Edgar Hoover into the story. However, he will only be a periodical nuisance and the catalyst that keeps the case against the French family from becoming a reality until it is too late.

Yes, I am giving away a bit of the future story. Still, it is not giving away the main story. And the case is only forefront in the first ten books. Beyond that, Hoover will only be mentioned as an aside up to his date of death.

You will find that after this, Schoeneman will vanish and Dunlap will replace him for a while. Strange how many Attorney Generals were gone through in such a short time. Not to mention directors of the IRS.

One can assume whatever they wish about this, though you must remember that there was a war waging behind the scenes both in Congress and in the heart of Hoover to cleanse America of an imagined communist threat. This war was made legal persecution of any who crossed paths with the acolytes who believed the unholy gospel held within the McCarran Act and the words of Joseph McCarthy, who preceded both Hoover’s obsession and the McCarran Act that made his file gathering legal.

For the story’s sake, I have made it that Hoover forced certain resignations to happen because of differences over these witch hunts and how to investigate the claims. As we know, though a few actual spies had been found, most of those who were accused and exiled without proper trials or chances to silent those whose jealousy and greed produced their perceived guilt.

As with the story I am unfolding, so things are turning in the present day. Only, in the place of communists are Muslims, blacks, Native Americans, Our President, “liberals”, and illegal immigrants. All are merely a smokescreen hiding the real activities and villains. The villains, those greedy fools who forget that a well paid employee is also a ready and eager customer, are the corporations who won a victory against the citizens through the “Trade agreements” they got passed that allow them to move their factories and bases of operations out of the country so as to supposedly save themselves money where their taxes and overhead is concerned. And yet, any uneducated fool can see that they are saving absolutely nothing. The money they save is being poured into buying away the representation that rightfully belongs to We The People, Not the corporations. They have slowly bought away our rights from us, our politicians, our news outlets, and our souls. Soon, they will have replaced our schools with schools that only they and their offspring can afford and we all will become their slaves no matter what our color, creed, or sexual preference might be. Hell. they have even bought our preachers and our salvation away from us. And we can only blame ourselves.

We can only blame ourselves because we swallow their lies and misdirection wholeheartedly without a single minute of questioning whether they are truthful or not. Why? Because we tend to believe in a party. Republican. Democrat. Conservative. Liberal. Yet there are no longer any parties. Only bought and those who have not been bought. Corporate and non-corporate.

And the list of those who have not been bought is growing shorter. Most are now only puppets, doing the will of their sponsors. We The People no longer figure into the plan. Our control is an illusion. We elect only the candidates they approve for us. Never mind that they are ALL a part of the machine. They are all partakers in being a part of the beast that Christians used to fear, but now are party to as well. In fact, they spread the gospel of the beast: Hate, Greed, Separation, Condemnation, Judgment of Human origin (not of God), and self-righteousness not to mention the many other vile traits they were warned to avoid. How hypocritical they have all become, both leaders and followers. Not all that different from those who became enamored with the hunt for imaginary communists.

Enough of this moment of reflection for now. I bid you good night and sweet dreams.