The Story Behind The Story

For those who are just beginning their ride through the Morrow Family Saga, the story behind it is this. Originally, the story was only three books, but was not known as a saga. It originally followed an aging Matt Morrow through a change in his life.  It was also only supposed to be four books long.

Thanks in part  to a friend and fellow writer,  I was convinced to write the backstory to the original…and the saga was born. In preparing to write, however, I had to do some hard research. In order to make the story realistic, I had to make the time in which each section of the saga takes place (the decades covered) historically accurate.

As I did my research, I realized that what was taking place then correlates with events today–more than we would like to admit. Instead of a “Red Scare”, we have the “Daesh” (ISIL) scare which is feeding the campaigns of several presidential hopefuls and the deep paranoia that has kept this country from truly uniting as one.

It is truly crazy. The communist witch hunts that took place in the years between 1948 and 1965 (respectively, though most sources tend to center the main activities between 47 and 59) eerily echo the Salem with hunts and subsequent trials that had so nearly destroyed the colonies in the mid 1600s. Our new push to ‘cleanse’ America of all religions except “Christianity” also mirrors both of its predecessors in design and fervor. Sad, really. We are on the verge of destroying our country through the ignoring of mankind’s most basic rights.

Before you start excusing the actions of those who are trying to destroy the backbone of this country by saying that 1. history has no hold on the present and, therefore, cannot repeat itself or 2. that what is happening to the minorities in this county will not affect you, remember that the Red Scare affected everyone. Its paranoia caused otherwise nice neighbors to eye their fellows with suspicion at the least little bit of extra activity at their residences and thus caused many innocent families to be destroyed by supposed friends and neighbors who turned them in for just being too friendly in a time when communism was perceived as a threat.

It is mirrored in the anti-non-Christian push that is searching for a scapegoat in everyone around the sheeple that are following these anti-American leaders who seem bent on ‘cleansing’ America. Hell. It is all about who controls what the masses know and believe. Most of the political messages we get, as well as the “news”, is filtered so that we are only allowed to hear one side.

To call the media “liberal” is a misnomer. The media, if you have ever taken Mass Com classes, is not as liberal as one would expect. all political news is propaganda, as is the reports of “terrorists” and the “war” on Christianity. It is all a smokescreen to keep the people under control, along with the fear of losing the “freedom to bear arms” and the idea that liberals and conservatives are about the opposite ideals. The truth? Corporate America donates billions of dollars to BOTH sides (same companies pay off candidates from both sides for the same expected payoff, which is the assurance that their agenda gets fulfilled) so that the average American actually ends up voting-no matter which side they are on-against their own best interests…simply because their chosen party tells them that it is in their best interest to remain loyal to their party and hate the other side.

With The Morrow Family Saga, I decided to place the family amid the darker events of the 1950s in order to veer away from the Happy DaysI Love Lucydick Van Dyke idyllic world that sitcoms created/portraying that era painted it to be. I wanted the REAL world, not the safe one of sitcoms. I felt it only right and in keeping with historical accuracy.

Though many of the characters are historical, the case described is purely fictional. The overall story is fiction. Just as the backdrop is historically accurate.  My only problem is to find better sources on the whys and wherefores of the removal of each government-related character (historical figures) from their posts, and the interplay between them all. All current material is sketchy at best, and somewhat questionable at times.

I am going to plant the J. Edgar Hoover rumors so as to keep with the historical accuracy, since the rumors were rampant while he lived. No, the Morrows will not speculate. But in Washington DC, anything goes.