Last week was hard. Sunday, my fiancee and I received word that a friend was not doing well and was not expected to live much longer. We were called to go and see her one last time, which we did. Monday and Tuesday passed without incident. But Wednesday, an hour or so after returning from a trip to the doctor’s office in Omaha, the call came. Our dearest friend had passed away.

It was hard to work Friday, but somehow I made it through the day. I took off early so we could make it to the visitation. Saturday, I was an hour and a half late making it to work because I was asked to be a pallbearer at my friend’s funeral.

For those of you who follow me somewhat religiously, you already know (at least, I believe I have already told you) that I already have very few hours in my work week as is. Well, last week, I had even fewer. The original 16 hours fell to a little over 10. Though this has made the next week a bit tight, food-wise, I won’t complain. I am glad to be alive and in good health. Not many can be glad of such.

My fiancee and I have had to adjust our wedding plans, changing who was matron of honor, but are otherwise still on track. Personally, I cannot wait for the special day to arrive. I cannot wait to move out of the Midwest.

In other news, I will be returning to writing on the Morrow Family Saga as soon as I get Word on my laptop fixed. something happened when I downloaded Office 365 and Microsoft 10. Not quite sure exactly what.

Also. I am getting ready to write the second book in the Faces In The Crowd series. The Poet is about Conrad Seville, who is introduced in The Price Of Lust as Maggie Usher’s lover-turned-husband. As I begin work, I will be seeking a way to get the processing done to release Price back to me so I can re-release it as an indie release and lower the price of the book so it is affordable…and also so I can release it to y’all as an e-book.

No worries, though. I will continue work on the newest Morrow Family Saga book right here.I am hoping to get at least two more books in the Morrow series (1950s series) done and out in the next few months. I might even do half that series just to be ahead of the game. Who knows?


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  1. My Deepest Condolences to you and yours , and to your departed friends family

    I haven’t used word in years, I use Open Office , it is the same as word , opens all word docs etc. and is free open office . org , and it works well with windows 10

    1. I learned that I can only access Word through Word online. I decided to learn how to use Google docs online as well. will free up my memory space on my laptop. And thanks for the condolences. My friend will be greatly missed. she was like a part of my family. She was only 38 and left two sons and a loving husband who stuck by her through it all.

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