The Morrow Family Saga: Dreams, Chapter Two

Toffer French looked at the list of allies placed before him. His original head of security had abandoned him last year, leaving him holding the bag. Hell. half of his original staff had left. And they had taken most of his important files. Not to mention, his ledgers.

They had taken all his important files. Lists of enemies. Lists of businesses he wanted to drive out of business. Women he had ruined the lives of.

How could this all happen? How could they be so ungrateful that they just up and leave? How could they betray him? Seemed that good help was hard to find anymore.

His greed had served him well in the past, but it seemed to be failing him now. Why? Was it his lust for beautiful women? His love of opulent things? His utter decadence?

Or had his slut of a wife been spending all his money? Where had that bitch gone, anyway? More than likely to one of her many lovers, no doubt. Or to the sheriff. No matter. He would deal with her later.

And that no good son. What was he up to? Causing more trouble? following in his footsteps? The boy would be a danger to him once he got to the age. But right now, he was nothing.

At the moment, he was more concerned with the growing list of enemies and ever shortening list of allies. HIs new security chief was not on the up-and-up. Something was not quite right about Thurlo Borgia.  The tall Italian was a bit shady. OK, so Thurlo was only half Italian. Still. the man had an accent heavier than a lead apron.

Toffer shook his head. His money was dwindling. His prospects at causing the demise of Morrow Mill Works was slowly disappearing. His plans were falling apart.

His nemesis, Michael Morrow, seemed charmed. Even worse, French Industries was now under scrutiny from the government. There were whispers of possible corruption charges. His allies in DC and at the State level were now gone. No one wanted to be associated with him anymore. Many of his one-time business associates were abandoning him as well.

It made him angry. He had poured his billions into this little coup. He had made it his life’s work. And now, it was falling apart.

No matter. He would win. He would win and he would show them all. He was the master. Not them.

He slammed his fist upon his desk. This was his town, not theirs. He ran it all. He bought the representatives. He bought all the politicians. He owned it all.


Marissa  French had been successful at getting away from Toffer. Though she now lived in hiding, she could breathe easy. There was no longer the ever present threat of  Tobias discovering her secrets. Nor of Toffer threatening her with death at every turn.

She sighed, then breathed in deeply and sat back, relaxed. The weather in Honolulu was perfect for her health. Here, she was not Marissa. She was  Teri Phelps. She was a hair dresser. And a good one at that. She was in-demand.

She could never let her guard down, God no. But she could breathe easier.  She could live a little. She could be herself.

Those who’d helped her had erased all traces of her past. It was sort of an experiment. They had given her a whole new life. Although her real family was still quite alive, they had given her a whole new past. Her first husband had died and her son had died a couple years later. She had no living relatives. She was on her own.

for all intents and purposes, the Frenchs no longer existed in her life. This freed her to find new love. New purpose. She didn’t know where to start.

Now a working girl, she had little time to herself. Or even have a life. It had been a long time since she knew how this all felt. Toffer had kept her prisoner. Now no longer a prisoner, she didn’t know how to act.


Tobias was not happy. Last year, his mother had run off. She had simply disappeared. Now, he was alone with his father. He hated his father.

Even more, his father hated him. Or was it fear? Toby couldn’t tell. Maybe it was both.

Whatever it was, Toby hoped it kept his old man in check a while longer. He wanted to finish his little projects before daddy got wind of them. He wanted to destroy more people before the shit hit the fan. He couldn’t help himself. He was, after all, his father’s son.

He smiled. He didn’t care who he hurt. Who he tore apart. All he cared about was getting his kicks.

He no longer had his gang. That had been destroyed by the 47. His father had pushed it even farther when he refused to give him the satisfaction of destroying the 47 for what they had done. The combination had been enough to destroy his gang. It had ended his first crime spree as well.

It didn’t cross his mind that there was a case being built against his father.Nor did he think, for once, that there might even be a case building against him as well. In his mind, he was indestructible. His father was unstoppable.

Never mind the truth. Or even reality. Both lived in their own minds, not in reality. Both thought themselves above any law. and in that, they had made a fatal mistake.

Time was now against them. with every passing minute, they were both growing closer to their ends. Yet, Toby thought that he would be able to do his deeds forever. His daddy’s money would buy him out of every court action. He could blackmail every girl he raped and make them disappear. He would bully every person he had taken anything from.

After he was done, he would find his no good mother and kill her. He would kill her after he killed his father. And anyone else who stood in his way. He smiled.Yes. That was it.


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