What’s New….

I have started three new blogs for nonliterary (poetry, stories, lyrics, etc) endeavors. The Radio-Pirate Presents… is dedicates solely to music–whether it is a review for a CD, an interview with a musician, or articles about music and writing lyrics. Or simply a review for an internet station we (myself and my fiancee) have come across that has grabbed our attention. https://theradiopiratepresents.wordpress.com

Although the blog is going to be related to our own internet radio project, it will also serve as a promotion for many others who have become our friends and informal family. Eventually, this blog will become an online magazine. But that is still a ways off, so sit back, follow, and enjoy the independent souls we bring into the spotlight.

The second blog is Dark Portal Portal Reviews. this blog is dedicated solely to book reviews, articles on writing, and interviews with authors. Like RPP, this is going to eventually be made into an e-zine. https://darkprotalreviews.wordpress.com

The last new blog is Dark Fantasy Independent Movie Reviews, a blog solely dedicated to movies, and predominately independent movies. Anything movie related-screenwriting, effects, etc. will be covered. Like its sisters, it will also be made into an ezine at some point in the near future. https://darkfantasyindependentmoviereviews.wordpress.com