Angel Of Death: The Night They Drove Ol’ Dixie Down, Chapter Twenty-One: Dixieland

I hit Washington, DC five days after leaving Baltimore. Apparently, Molgo was the governor of DC. There seems that there are no vampires left here. Only the humans in the breeding pens. I break the locks holding the gates. I wish there was someone from the Alliance or Partisan who was nearby. Then, I could send word that DC was free to be retaken.

On second thought, I might want to make sure that Congressional Hall, the White House, and other government buildings have no vampire inhabitants. I know that it’ll take me a while, maybe hours, but it is necessary.

Going building by building, I search every room. I had no desire to stay here long, but I must make sure that my original assessment is correct. I must make sure that the vampires have completely abandoned DC.

Before I begin, I am approached by one of the humans I have freed. She tugs at my sleeve. “Why did you free us? Our masters will be coming back.”

I smile at her. “Was the leader named Molgo?” She nods. I place my hand on her shoulder.”They aren’t coming back. I killed them all. You are free.”

She seems puzzled. “One person taking on Malgo and his mighty army? Impossible. Who are you?”

I smile again. “I am the one the vampires call the Angel Of Death. I leave vampire bodies in my wake. Whole vampire communities are wiped out wherever I go. I am their worst nightmare.”

She gasps. “Then it is true! I heard Molgo talking to his lieutenants about you. He said he hoped to be the one to take you out. Something about a vampire named Kalkolides seeking your head. He was going to hunt for you after he took out his rival in Baltimore.”

I look at her. “I took both out. Baltimore is now in Partisan hands. I freed the blood-slaves there as well. Sent them north.”

She looks relieved. “And the Human Alliance? What of them?”

I look away. “Last I knew, they still controlled New York City and New Jersey. Possibly a few of the other north eastern states. AS well as California. The rest of the country is either controlled by vampires or the unified alliance of races. Or Partisan. All depends what region you are in.”

She fidgets. “What about us? Where do we go?”

I shake my head. “I suggest you head for Partisan controlled cities or to the Alliance. Whatever you do, stay away from the Human Alliance. They will only slaughter you as being unclean. They don’t make much sense, but then, what can you expect from those who are the remains of the very parties that allowed the infiltration by the Vampire Nation in the first place?”

She shrugs. I pat her shoulder. “Can we stay here until someone comes to take the city over?”

I nod. “Sure. Don’t see why not. I just hope, for your sake, that the Partisan gets here before any V.N. army. Otherwise, you’re no better off than when you were still under Molgo.” I begin to move in the direction of the houses. “first let me search the buildings to make sure they are safe for you to enter.”

She nods in agreement and I head into one of the houses. I go from house to house, making a sweep. None have vampires or ghouls in them. None have much of anything in them. I give her a sign that the houses are safe and she begins ushering her fellow ex-slaves into them.

I move from building to building, now. Store fronts. Service stations. Supermarkets.

I sweep through the government buildings and police stations as well. NO sign of any vampires. It seems that Molgo had just his troops. No retinue. No stragglers or socialite vampires.

I return to where the young woman is. “Are there any teachers left among you?” She nods. I smile. “Then get them together and tell them to start teaching those who have never known anything but bondage. You need to get the people to the point where they can think for themselves. You are no longer slaves. You are now free. I cannot stay and teach you. You must learn from those left among you who have the knowledge.”

She nods and I turn to go. She knows that I cannot be stopped. “May you be blessed on your journey, Angel Of Mercy.”


Darkness falls as I head for Savanna. Her last comment resonates in my head. Have I really represented that to those I have freed? Or just to her?

I can only hope that I have. But in the long run, it really doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I complete the mission I have been given. And I intend on doing as I was asked.

At the same time, I wonder exactly what I will find in Savanna. Or Mobile for that matter. I know that I have several more cities to go before I get there. But If I can erase the vampires from each city, maybe I can begin to turn things around.

I know that I have to go from town to town. No matter what the size. No matter the significance. I have to free everyone. Not just a handful.

Just when I think it’s safe to drop my guard, a small band of ghouls appear. Damn. I don’t like these monsters. To make things worse, I have just seen shadow kin. This night is getting worse by the second.

Novoro appears from out of the darkness. “Need a little help?”

I smile with relief. “Need you ask?”

He chuckles. “Not really.”

I look over at him. “Are you alone?”

He grins, showing his fangs. “You really believe I could go anywhere without help? I am not like my predecessor. I don’t take on lone wolf missions.”

I smirk. “Did you see any vampires nearby?”

He shakes his head. “No. And no other baddies either.”

I smile. “Then let’s make it happen.”


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